The num­bers

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The per­cent­age of the na­tive Camp­bell Al­ba­tross’s (above) life which is spent in the open sea.


The wing­span of the Camp­bell Al­ba­tross


The num­ber of breed­ing pairs of Camp­bell Al­ba­tross left

65 days

The in­cu­ba­tion pe­riod for an al­ba­tross egg. The num­bers this month come from the dis­cov­ery that the na­tive Camp­bell Al­ba­tross win­ters in South Aus­tralia. Sci­en­tists were sur­prised that the birds did not travel fur­ther afield. The birds mi­grate from Camp­bell Is­land, 600km south of New Zealand.

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