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A new spin on the con­cept of green ve­hi­cles has come in the form of a card­board bi­cy­cle.

Cost­ing just US$9 to pro­duce the in­ven­tion is the work of Is­raeli man Izhar Gafni, who wanted to prove to fel­low en­gi­neers he could make a bi­cy­cle at nearly no cost, from re­cy­cled and used card­board.

Bi­cy­cles are the most pop­u­lar form of trans­port in his community in the Negev, Is­rael, and Gafni wanted to de­sign a cheap al­ter­na­tive that pro­motes ex­er­cise and helps pre­vent pol­lu­tion.

Even though he was told by fel­low en­gi­neers the con­cept of a wa­ter­proof card­board bi­cy­cle that costs next to noth­ing was im­pos­si­ble, Gafni per­sisted with his idea.

While he de­scribes his first de­sign as a de­liv­ery box on wheels, af­ter much ex­per­i­men­ta­tion he has pro­duced a light­weight bike that can carry up to 140 kilo­grams and is coated with a layer of white ma­te­rial, giv­ing the ap­pear­ance of hard light plas­tic.

The low cost of the bike is con­sid­ered ap­peal­ing for the likes of the city of Tel Aviv, where bike theft is com­mon.

Check out the video of Izhar Gafni de­vel­op­ing and de­sign­ing his card­board bike at el­e­ment­magazine.co.nz

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