Lani’s liver detoxing herbs

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Some stud­ies sug­gest that short term cleans­ing di­ets have lim­ited detoxing ef­fect. Adding herbal detoxes or sup­ple­ments to your regime in­creases detox po­tency. Liver cleans­ing and re­gen­er­at­ing herbs: are im­por­tant for sup­port­ing the liver’s en­zy­matic pro­cesses and bile flow.

Dan­de­lion: 3 – 5g of dried

root daily.

Yel­low Dock: 2 – 4ml daily. Milk This­tle: en­hances bile flow and detox­i­fies the liver. Take a stan­dard­ised Milk This­tle prod­uct, 420mg of sily­marin con­tent daily.

Globe ar­ti­choke: 1.5 – 4g of dried leaf daily to pro­motes the flow and dis­charge of bile.

Turmeric: 2 – 3g daily to act as a liver an­tiox­i­dant.

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