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Shop around for elec­tric­ity: re­tail­ers have vary­ing rates. Visit pow­er­switch. to com­pare (try the sav­ings cal­cu­la­tor) or whatsmynum­ – the av­er­age sav­ing is $160 per year. Check out pow­er­ where you can buy in ad­vance or shop for bar­gains. Ask if your power com­pany of­fers multi-rate tar­iffs – dif­fer­ent power prices for dif­fer­ent times – do­ing your wash­ing in the mid­dle of the night can be done with a timer plug.

Stop draughts: make draught snakes for doors with high ground clear­ance, fill holes or gaps in the floor.

Dry­ing: use the sun in­stead of the tum­ble dryer and save $60 ev­ery year.

Wash cloth­ing in cold wa­ter: save $60 each year.

Beer fridge: If you have a sec­ond fridge, use it only at the week­end and save $100 ev­ery year.

Check your hot wa­ter: it should be at 55 de­grees at the tap. Ev­ery 10 de­grees above that costs an ex­tra 10%.

Tow­els: it takes a cou­ple of hours to dry a towel. A timer switch on your heated towel rail will save $100 each year.

Phase out standby mode: TVs, stereos and elec­tronic equip­ment all have the tell­tale red light, but wash­ing ma­chines, dry­ers, and phone charg­ers left on at the wall can also drain en­ergy. Switch ev­ery­thing off at the wall and save $75 a year.

De­frost your freezer: it will run more ef­fi­ciently.

Taps: fix drip­ping taps.

Wa­ter: when turn­ing on a tap for some cold wa­ter (ie fill­ing the ket­tle), make sure the lever is pushed all the way to the cold side.

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