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Some­times hens get it into their bird brain to lay any­where but in the lay­ing box. To stop this, re­move any eggs im­me­di­ately and place some plas­tic eggs (you can buy these from pet shops or ru­ral sup­ply stores) or golf balls in the box where you want her to lay. Make sure there is a deep layer of straw and the lay­ing box is dark and pri­vate to en­cour­age her to lay. true ban­tam mean­ing that there is not a full­sized ver­sion too. It is one of the old­est British breeds of ban­tam, hav­ing been de­vel­oped in the 19th cen­tury. This plucky lit­tle bird is not much big­ger than a pi­geon and has lovely black-tipped feath­ers of ei­ther white or brown. Keep it for eye candy rather than for lay­ing as it may only lay one egg a week.

Worm farm

Never put an­i­mal fae­ces into the worm farm. Not only could it spread dis­eases but if the an­i­mal has been re­cently wormed could it kill all your worms.

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