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Sit to eat and be fo­cused en­tirely on eat­ing for the whole meal. Take breaks be­tween mouth­fuls, be­tween serv­ings and be­tween cour­ses. This helps you to no­tice the food fill­ing you up. Serve food on small crock­ery, the smaller your plate, bowl and cup, the more eas­ily sat­is­fied your ap­petite will be with less food. Same goes for cut­lery, choose small forks and spoons and chop­sticks. Th­ese are ex­cel­lent to ease ap­petite. Think be­fore you bite. Con­sider ev­ery­thing you eat, deep-fried food smells good, and you may think ‘That would taste good!’ But if you pause, you re­mem­ber what you feel like af­ter you eat and it no longer looks so tasty. Sniff and walk. If a fatty tempt­ing scent at­tracts you, keep walking. The body re­sponds to smells rapidly and moves on just as quickly. Shop for healthy food and keep healthy snacks on hand. Do not eat on the move. Ever.

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