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All the girls will now be shoot­ing out eggs left, right and cen­tre. It is handy to learn how to tell if a hen is lay­ing. All lay­ers will have a bright red comb which is plump. If you place your hand be­tween and un­der their hips there should be a space around 3-4 fin­gers wide. The slacker hens, which are not lay­ing, will be the first ones to jump up on the perch for bed.

The Cochin

This laid back friendly ball of feath­ers orig­i­nated in China. Ap­par­ently Queen Vic­to­ria was given some as a gift and fell in love with them. They are more or­na­men­tal than lay­ers, a good ef­fort for them is an egg a week! They make won­der­ful moth­ers and are very quiet, friendly and hardy. They come in all colours and pat­terns. They will hap­pily wad­dle around your garden with their com­i­cal pow­der puff ap­pear­ance.

Eco tip

Have you had that let­ter home from school re­gard­ing head lice? Rub Di­atoma­ceous Earth into your child¹s hair as a nat­u­ral, non-toxic treat­ment and de­ter­rent.

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