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Your TV may be the largest en­ergy use ap­pli­ance in your house­hold. El­e­ment takes a quick look at the best op­tions.

Element - - Healthy Home - By Andy Ken­wor­thy For more in­for­ma­tion go to: en­er­gy­wise.govt.nz

It would be hard not to no­tice that the av­er­age tele­vi­sion has got big­ger and big­ger in the last few years, and many of us are buy­ing screens for more than one room in our homes. As tech­nol­ogy has im­proved, tele­vi­sion screens are also in­creas­ingly be­com­ing a cen­tral point for a range of home en­ter­tain­ment, in­clud­ing games con­soles, in­ter­net brows­ing and mu­sic con­trol. This means they are also likely to be on for longer.

The televisions them­selves are get­ting more ef­fi­cient: ad­vances in tech­nol­ogy mean that, size for size, the most ef­fi­cient plasma TVs (once fa­mous for be­ing power hun­gry) now use up to two-thirds less power than older models. But the big screens of to­day can still use a lot of power: TVs now rank as the fourth big­gest en­ergy con­sum­ing ap­pli­ance in the av­er­age house­hold, and in some houses it can be the sin­gle most en­ergy-hun­gry ap­pli­ance of all.

Choos­ing a more ef­fi­cient model gives you the same view­ing plea­sure, and the money saved on power bills means you have ex­tra cash to spend on some­thing else.

Our en­ergy sav­ing TV tips

Check out the en­ergy rat­ing la­bel to get an idea of how much it will cost to run – there’s more vari­a­tion in the run­ning costs of televisions than you may think. Look­ing for an en­ergy ef­fi­ciency short­cut? Choose an EN­ERGY STAR-qual­i­fied tele­vi­sion, they’re guar­an­teed to be among the most en­ergy ef­fi­cient, so will save you money on run­ning costs. If buy­ing sec­ond-hand, you can prob­a­bly still find in­for­ma­tion for

the tele­vi­sion’s en­ergy use on­line. As a gen­eral guide, the larger the screen, the more elec­tric­ity the TV uses, so fac­tor in the on­go­ing run­ning costs as well as the up­front pur­chase cost rather than just go­ing for the largest screen you can af­ford. Choose a screen that’s right for your uses and the space you have

avail­able. LCD-LED televisions tend to be the most ef­fi­cient flat screen tech­nol­ogy on the mar­ket, so are well worth choos­ing over most plasma al­ter­na­tives. Brighter screens tend to use more en­ergy: check that your

tele­vi­sion is set to the rec­om­mended view­ing mode. Turn off the tele­vi­sion at the wall overnight: standby sucks power for noth­ing. Go one fur­ther, and use a multi-plug for all your home en­ter­tain­ment ap­pli­ances so they can be switched off at the wall to­gether.

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