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With the heat of sum­mer many poul­try have stated to moult. Dur­ing this time they re­quire a high protein diet to help them grow new glossy plumage. With the ground so dry, many in­sects may be hard to find. A good trick is to place some planks of un­treated wood or tree stumps in some shady cor­ners of the garden and turn over for the chooks oc­ca­sion­ally so they can feast on any hid­ing in­sects.


This un­usual look­ing bird has a feath­ered beard and muffs and five toes. This French breed is pri­mar­ily a meat bird but also a good layer, lay­ing around 4 light-brown, medium-sized eggs a week. This breed is very docile and quiet mak­ing it per­fect for a town flock. They can be bul­lied in a mixed flock so it is best to keep them with other docile fowls such as Light Sus­sex or Barn­evelder, rather than the feisty brown shavers. They are pop­u­lar as pets, es­pe­cially for chil­dren due to their gen­tle­ness.

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