Element - - LIFESTYLE -

Eat plenty of:

• Fruit and veges • Omega-3 fatty acids, in oily fish - think sar­dines, salmon, trout, ka­hawai and an­chovies • Fresh nuts and seeds • Spices, gar­lic, turmeric and gin­ger • Whole grains like brown rice and bul­gur wheat • Lean protein sources such as chicken and tofu • Berries, fresh and frozen


• Sat­u­rated an­i­mal and trans fats • Full-fat dairy foods • Pro­cessed foods • Re­fined car­bo­hy­drates such as pasta and white rice • Pro­cessed meats - salami, lun­cheon, sausage and canned corned beef • Night­shades – potato, to­mato, sweet and hot pep­pers, egg­plant and pa­prika – af­fect some peo­ple • Al­co­hol • If you smoke, stop. It’s your choice; ei­ther cigarettes or joint health • Cook­ing in or with oil - use only vir­gin or ex­tra vir­gin olive oil, flax or co­conut oil


Some­times diet needs a help­ing hand. I rec­om­mend th­ese sup­ple­ments for joint health • Glu­cosamine • Omega 3 oils • Resver­a­trol • Sup­port im­mune func­tion with olive leaf ex­tract

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