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The best way, hands down, to eat Haloumi cheese. For those want­ing meat, sub­sti­tute the hal­loumi cheese for good qual­ity sausage.

Whipped potato

• 5 tsp nut­meg • 500g pota­toes •Salt and pep­per • ½ cup milk •1Tbsp but­ter Boil pota­toes un­til well cooked, add nut­meg, mash then whip in cubes of but­ter and milk. Whip vig­or­ously un­til fluffy.


• 1 egg yolk • 2Tbsp water •2Tbsp white vine­gar • 220g but­ter, melted Whisk the egg yolk, white vine­gar and water over a gen­tle heat (a basin sit­ting on a pot of gen­tly sim­mer­ing water is per­fect) un­til thick­ened, then add warm but­ter slowly, whisk­ing all the time un­til you have a vis­cous con­sis­tency, but pourable. If it thick­ens too much just add a lit­tle hot water and whisk. When the hol­landaise and potato is ready, take a good chunk of haloumi cheese and fry in a medium hot pan un­til browned on both/all sides. Mean­while poach eggs in a deep pot of sim­mer­ing water with a dash of vine­gar in the water. Build the dish with a mound of pota­toes, topped with fresh rocket, the haloumi cheese and poached egg, driz­zle with hol­landaise and sprin­kle with chives, chopped pars­ley, whole pink pep­per­corns and cracked black pep­per. Steep three fresh ver­bena leaves in one cup of boil­ing water. Serve with lemon ver­bena tea:

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