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The sci­en­tific view that the in­crease in global tem­per­a­ture should be be­low two de­grees Cel­sius to avoid cli­mate calamity.



Sci­en­tists es­ti­mate that hu­mans can pour roughly 565 more gi­ga­tons of car­bon diox­ide into the at­mos­phere by mid­cen­tury and still have some rea­son­able hope of stay­ing be­low two de­grees.



The amount of car­bon al­ready con­tained in the proven coal and oil and gas re­serves (still un­der­ground and un­tapped) of the fos­sil-fuel com­pa­nies


The amount this is worth to oil and gas com­pa­nies


The re­main­ing re­serves which will have to re­main in the ground to keep tem­per­a­ture rises to two de­grees or less. founder and writer Bill McKibben will be in NZ in June for his “Do The Maths” tour. Visit for more in­for­ma­tion

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