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Pikelet mix (makes ap­prox­i­mately one litre and serves four peo­ple)

• 2/3 cup Trade Aid Fair­trade or­ganic sugar

• 3 1/3 cup self-rais­ing flour

• 2/3 cup or­ganic milk • 60g melted but­ter

• 2 free-range eggs Gar­nish

• All Good Fair­trade ba­nanas

• Maple syrup

•Free-range streaky ba­con

• Ic­ing sugar


Cre­ate a well In a large bowl mix the flourand the sugar to­gether. but­ter. Us­ing a whisk, beat the in the mid­dle and add the eggs and the melted egg and the but­ter in the mid­dle, grad­u­ally tak­ing flour­into the wet mix. Once the eggs and but­ter are com­bined add the milk slowly to the mid­dle mak­ing sure not to mix too much flour in at once. This will cause lumps. No one wants lumps. Add the milk un­til the mix is a thick glue like con­sis­tency with no lumps.

In a pan, add a small knob of but­ter or oil and heat. Now you need to add a tester to your pan to check the mix. Add be­tween 50 and 60 ml (2oz) of mix­ture to the pan. When the bot­tom is golden brown and the top has a waxy tex­ture, flipit. When gold brown on both sides take off the heat and try. The pikelet should be soft and fluffy, don't worry about it be­ing a lit­tle un­der­cooked, they will fin­ishoff in the oven. Re­peat this method un­til you have cooked all of the mix­ture (should make at least 16 pikelets). Place the pikelets in a bak­ing tray and put them in the oven on a low heat, just to keep them warm. In a pan add a knob of Cut four ba­nanas at the top and bot­tom. Then cut length­ways in half through the mid­dle. but­ter and fry for about fiveminutes ei­ther side or un­til golden brown. In a sep­a­rate pan at about the same time, start cook­ing your ba­con. Aim for about three rash­ers per per­son, but if you like ba­con then go crazy


Place two pikelets on top of each other on a plate (or board). Place the ba­con on top, then add two more pikelets, ba­nana on the top of that. Fill a serv­ing jug with maple sand­wich­ing the ba­con. Put the two halves of grilled syrup and place on the side and, fi­nally,dust the dish with ic­ing sugar.

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