Kegel Ex­er­cises

Sim­ple ex­er­cises for uri­nary con­trol that help mon­i­tor prostate symp­toms.

Element - - Well Being -

Re­peated, mo­men­tary tight­en­ing and re­lease of mus­cles around the scro­tum and anus. You can­not be seen do­ing them, so do them many times a day. Here’s how: 1. Imag­ine you are try­ing to hold back urine; lift and squeeze from the pe­nis. Hold for the count of three.

2. Imag­ine that you are try­ing to stop your­self pass­ing wind; lift and squeeze your anus. Hold for a count of three. 3. Com­bine both into one move­ment. Lift and squeeze, hold for 10 sec­onds. Rest for 10 - 20 sec­onds, re­peat. Aim for 10 strong holds sev­eral times daily, lengthen holds and re­peat of­ten. Keep breath­ing and other mus­cles re­laxed.

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