The im­mu­nity ben­e­fits of green smooth­ies can­not be over­stated – make them a daily rit­ual in your life.

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Get­ting your greens can be tough. The Chal­lenge of five- plus a day serv­ings of es­pe­cially green leafy veg­eta­bles of­ten proves too much for many. A handy so­lu­tion is be­com­ing in­creas­ingly pop­u­lar: the green smoothie.

You may have heard the term but what ex­actly is a green smoothie?

A green smoothie is a drink of vary­ing con­sis­tency made by blend­ing raw leafy-green veg­eta­bles with wa­ter and some­times (but not al­ways) blended with fruit juice, fruit and/or berries. Nuts and seeds can also be added. There you have it; the green smoothie is a sim­ple so­lu­tion to the prob­lem of get­ting your green leafy nu­tri­tion up to rec­om­mended lev­els and re­mem­ber, five-plus a day serv­ings of greens is ac­tu­ally a min­i­mum. Sweet as What – no dairy? That’s right, you can make de­li­cious smooth­ies to suit your own taste pref­er­ence with­out any dairy. Yo­ghurt, ice-cream and milk are out. Of course you can make to your taste but the health ben­e­fits of non- dairy are worth cap­tur­ing. If you want a creamy tex­ture then use frozen fruit or frozen cu­cum­ber for a thicker, ice-cream or dairy style smoothy.

Even for the sweet-tooth green smooth­ies are ideal. To soften and sweeten the taste of so many leafy greens just add fruit. Ba­nanas, ap­ples and pears are sweet enough to to­tally over­power even strong-tast­ing greens like kale and spinach.

In my natur­o­pathic prac­tice many’s the time I’ve taken the lid from the blender and poured a green smoothie to a sus­pi­cious client who is amazed that they can’t tell the dif­fer­ence be­tween a green smoothy and an ice-cream laden milk­shake! Grow as you go Ex­pe­ri­enced green smoothie ad­vo­cates may tell you to stay away from fruit and go all green. But don’t rush; as you get used to the taste of greens the need to keep sweet­en­ing your smooth­ies falls away.

There are two ben­e­fi­cial pro­cesses in play here, one is that the fi­bre in leafy-greens ac­tu­ally helps slow ab­sorp­tion of sugar in fruit while you ad­just.

I’ve also no­ticed – in my­self first and then in oth­ers I ad­vised to take this up – that as the amount of greens in your smoothie in­creases you may well no­tice your ap­petite for them grows. This hap­pens as the body be­gins to de­sire, even crave the nu­tri­tious drink. Ben­e­fi­cial blends Hope­fully now that you know the how of green smooth­ies you are get­ting in­ter­ested, and a quick look at the ‘why’ will in­spire you to be­gin blend­ing.

Let me list the wins of daily green smooth­ies; im­mu­nity im­proves, en­ergy in­creases, men­tal fo­cus and clar­ity im­proves, di­ges­tion eases and for weight man­age­ment if your ap­petite needs stim­u­la­tion or sa­ti­a­tion, go for a green smoothie.

There so many health ben­e­fits be­cause you are get­ting the green nu­tri­ents your body craves – with­out pro­cessed food – and tak­ing in an anti-in­flam­ma­tory food source in an easy-to-di­gest form.

The green is im­por­tant too be­cause green leaves don’t have starch and while veg­eta­bles are vi­tal to us and health-giv­ing, many con­tain a lot of starch, which can cause di­ges­tive is­sues in suf­fi­cient amounts for many peo­ple. I have worked to help peo­ple with ter­ri­ble cramp­ing, bloat­ing and flat­u­lence who thought they were gluten in­tol­er­ant only to find that starch was in fact the is­sue.

It is hard to think of an eas­ier or smoother ride to bet­ter health; go green.

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