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Chew­ing raw gar­lic pro­duces a DNA-pro­tect­ing com­pound called al­licin. One minute of cook­ing, though, com­pletely in­ac­ti­vates this en­zyme.

Four ta­ble­spoons of chia seeds sup­ply as much; • Cal­cium as 3 cups of milk • Mag­ne­sium as 10 stalks of broc­coli • Iron as 1/2 cup of red kid­ney beans • 30% more an­tiox­i­dants than blue­ber­ries • 25% more di­etary fi­bre than flax seed • And about the same amount of omega-3 as a 32-ounce fil­let of salmon. • Try a chia break­fast pud­ding for a nu­tri­tious start to your day Guide­lines for raw food­ies • Eat al­most twice the iron as meat-eaters. Good sources are tofu, legumes, al­monds and cashews. • Raw meat-eaters can pre­pare fish (for Omega 3) and meat cer­viche, tartare or carpac­cio style. • Eight serv­ings a day of cal­cium-rich foods like bok choy, cab­bage, tem­peh, and figs. • Flaxseed and wal­nuts. Use flaxseed, wal­nut, hemp, co­conut and soy­bean oil; sources of omega-3 and omega 6 es­sen­tial fats. • Egg yolks • Sea veg­eta­bles; kelp prod­ucts. • Take a B12 and a Vitamin D sup­ple­ment. • Small reg­u­lar meals and snack of­ten on nuts, seeds,

sprouts and fresh veges.

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