Pe­ga­sus Bay Pri­mary School

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Pe­ga­sus Bay Pri­mary School, which opened in May this year in Christchurch, is per­haps the most am­bi­tious schools project, with 560m2 (or 90kW) of photo voltaic pan­els on its roof. The ar­ray should be enough to make the school net zero en­ergy, mean­ing that it gen­er­ates as much en­ergy as it uses. The school is con­nected to the grid, so power pro­duced on school holidays ac­tu­ally earns the school money. The elec­tric­ity is used for light­ing, com­put­ers and to power the ef­fi­cient air-sourced heat pumps for un­der­floor heat­ing. In ad­di­tion five high­per­for­mance so­lar hot wa­ter sys­tems pro­vide the chil­dren and staff with hot wa­ter. The low main­te­nance, closed-loop, drain-back hot wa­ter sys­tems are de­signed to last thirty years and serve util­ity/ toi­let clus­ters and kitchens in each block. Roger Horn­blow, Pe­ga­sus Bay School Prin­ci­pal, says: “Th­ese chil­dren will have a new un­der­stand­ing of sus­tain­abil­ity and eco-ef­fi­ciency from at­tend­ing Pe­ga­sus Bay. Our net zero en­ergy school will ed­u­cate our pupils and com­mu­nity about act­ing re­spon­si­bly for the en­vi­ron­ment and their future. The ef­fi­cient build­ing meth­ods of the school com­ple­ment the so­lar elec­tric pan­els which gen­er­ate about $20,000 of power a year (at 18c/kwh) and re­duce car­bon emis­sions of Pe­ga­sus School by nearly a 30 tonnes/year CO2 per year. As well as the im­proved in­door en­vi­ron­ment ben­e­fits from nat­u­ral ven­ti­la­tion, un­der­floor heat­ing, so­lar con­trol and good nat­u­ral day­light, th­ese en­ergy ef­fi­cient fea­tures and so­lar elec­tric gen­er­a­tion should achieve an an­tic­i­pated pay­back on the ad­di­tional in­vest­ment of about twelve years.

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