Fol­low­ing the launch­ing of NZTE’s ‘De­vel­op­ing a Gov­er­nance Ap­proach’ Ser­vice, New Zealand Beach­head chair Wayne Nor­rie shares in­sights into how good gov­er­nance can trans­form a busi­ness, and why a lack of good gov­er­nance is the sin­gle big­gest glass ceil­ing

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Wayne Nor­rie ex­plains how good gov­er­nance can trans­form an ex­port busi­ness

Ex­porter: Why is gov­er­nance so im­por­tant?

Wayne: A lack of gov­er­nance is the sin­gle big­gest glass ceil­ing to the growth of many of our ex­port com­pa­nies. If I could fix one of the six most com­mon mis­takes we see nearly all Beach­head com­pa­nies make, it would be gov­er­nance. Why is that? If you fix gov­er­nance, that brings about self-aware­ness and the abil­ity to see the other five mis­takes, which you can then also cor­rect.

The other five mis­takes I'm re­fer­ring to are: be­ing prod­uct-led in­stead of mar­ket fo­cused; be­ing un­der- cap­i­talised when go­ing over­seas; not com­mit­ting (we dip a toe in the wa­ter only); an un­der-baked ap­proach to hu­man cap­i­tal; and a go-to-mar­ket strat­egy that is more of a lan­tern than a laser. It's very dif­fi­cult to see these things from in­side a tent, but when you have some in­de­pen­dent think­ing on your board, it be­comes very clear

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