Learn­ing by ex­am­ple


AJ Park’s An­ton Bli­jlevens high­lights two ex­port sto­ries, and the lessons they de­liver: • The AirNZ Sky­couch patent is now li­censed to China Air­lines and other air­lines around the world. Air New Zealand col­lects roy­al­ties for this IP. Ex­port­ing IP has zero ex­port cost and a zero car­bon foot­print! • Glass Vice Prod­ucts now ex­ports to the US and else­where. A small but grow­ing com­pany with lim­ited bud­get, its strate­gic spend on patent pro­tec­tion and IP strat­egy ad­vice has been vi­tal to pre­vent copy prod­ucts com­pet­ing with them.

Bli­jlevens also has ad­vice for start-ups. “The only thing they own is their IP. They do not own any plant, equip­ment or prop­erty – so they need to be very care­ful as to how they pro­tect their IP.

“They must have an IP strat­egy right from the start. All new ideas start off life as a trade se­cret. This is a form of IP right. At some stage, be­fore the trade se­cret be­comes pub­lic in­for­ma­tion, a de­ci­sion needs to be made if con­ver­sion to other forms of IP pro­tec­tion is vi­tal to the sur­vival of the busi­ness.”

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