Is your skin more per­fo­rated than per­fect? Lucy Slight looks at op­tions for shrink­ing those saucers down to size

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Smooth and blur skin with th­ese help­ful hints

Pores: we don’t of­ten love ‘em. In fact, many of us would rather they dis­ap­pear com­pletely. But did you know that pores are fun­da­men­tal to skin health? A pore is ba­si­cally the top por­tion of the skin’s pi­lose­ba­ceous unit, a gland which se­cretes se­bum to lu­bri­cate and wa­ter­proof the skin and hair, and pro­tect it from bac­te­ria, viruses and other po­ten­tial con­tam­i­nants.

This se­bum plays a huge part in pre­vent­ing what is known as ‘epi­der­mal water loss,’ says Lau­ren Hard­ing, skin spe­cial­ist at The Face Place. “[With­out se­bum pro­duc­tion] skin can be­come dull, sal­low, ex­hibit fine lines and be­come sen­si­tised to its en­vi­ron­ment. We should love our pores, they are the gate­way to keep­ing our skin healthy.”

That’s all well and good, but when you’re faced with scores of ver­i­ta­ble sink­holes, it can be hard to find the will to show the suck­ers any mercy. En­larged pores can be tough to treat and of­ten can’t be elim­i­nated com­pletely. How­ever, with a con­sis­tent sk­in­care reg­i­men of at-home prod­ucts and pro­fes­sional treat­ments, you can achieve the best re­sults for your skin.

The big­gest contributor to en­larged pores is age­ing; when the area around the pore loses its in­tegrity, the pore looks larger be­cause the skin around it be­gins to sag.

“To treat en­larged pores we need to in­crease the thick­ness and qual­ity of skin. This is done by de­creas­ing sun ex­po­sure, ap­ply­ing an­tiox­i­dants and sun­screen, in­creas­ing the level of an­tiox­i­dants in our diet and de­creas­ing su­gar in­take,” says Lau­ren.

Peo­ple with oily skin tend to have larger pores, too. If your oil glands are pro­duc­ing too much oil, the pores can be­come con­gested, caus­ing them to en­large. Us­ing prod­ucts that help to bal­ance the skin and reg­u­late se­bum pro­duc­tion will be ben­e­fi­cial.


For max­i­mum pore-min­imis­ing am­mu­ni­tion, com­bine daily sk­in­care with th­ese pro­fes­sional treat­ment op­tions:

Col­la­gen in­duc­tion ther­apy

Also known as mi­cro-needling or der­mal needling, this treat­ment stim­u­lates the body’s own nat­u­ral col­la­gen re­pair and growth pro­cesses to sig­nif­i­cantly im­prove skin tone, tex­ture and elim­i­nate im­pu­ri­ties. A ster­ile roller, with hun­dreds of one mil­lime­tre mi­cro-nee­dles, makes tiny pin pricks when passed over the skin. This causes skin cells to pro­duce new growth fac­tors – col­la­gen and elastin – which in turn make skin smoother, firmer and more ra­di­ant.

Cost: About Face of­fers a course of six weekly treat­ments for $1800, with a $55 re­deemable con­sul­ta­tion re­quired prior to treat­ment.

Laser / IPL treat­ments

“In­tense Pulsed Light (IPL) stim­u­lates col­la­gen pro­duc­tion, which helps to com­bat the sag­ging that is an in­evitable part of age­ing,” says Louise Highet, reg­is­tered ap­pear­ance medicine nurse at the Skin In­sti­tute. “When it comes to com­mon con­cerns about fa­cial skin – from un­wanted lines and wrin­kles to pores and freck­les, IPL treat­ment is a safe and ef­fec­tive way to ad­dress th­ese is­sues.”

Cost: The Skin In­sti­tute of­fers a full face pack­age of three IPL treat­ments for $1200, with in­di­vid­ual treat­ments priced from $150 for small ar­eas. A free 30-minute con­sul­ta­tion is re­quired first to iden­tify skin con­cerns.


A peel us­ing a blend of AHAs and BHAs can re­duce shad­ow­ing and swelling of the pores through sal­i­cylic acid ex­fo­li­a­tion. An Asap Re­veal Peel uses a blend of 35 per­cent AHA/BHA, with sal­i­cylic acid (BHA) work­ing to pen­e­trate se­bum-filled fol­li­cles to dis­solve block­ages and im­prove skin tone and tex­ture. Gly­colic Acid (AHA) helps to stim­u­late col­la­gen pro­duc­tion and pro­mote cell re­newal. As vis­i­ble peel­ing can oc­cur af­ter treat­ment, a Re­veal Peel is not rec­om­mended within 7-10 days of an event.

Cost: Exquisite Laser Clinic in Par­nell, Auck­land, of­fers the Asap Re­veal Peel for $150 per treat­ment.

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