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The cycli­cal na­ture of this Mon­day prime lamb sale that can con­found some ven­dors was ev­i­dent again to­day when prime lamb prices made a great at­tempt at recovering all of the fall of last week. Lamb sched­ules have eased again this week but those with con­tracts to fill need the num­bers and this spring has not been easy for lamb fin­ish­ers. The lamb en­tries were slightly fewer than last week at back un­der 2,000 again and, with all the reg­u­lar buy­ers on site, sale prices for prime lambs had some ping right from the start of play. This was not the case with the store lambs which did ease back a lit­tle from last week as can of­ten hap­pen on Mon­day with fewer buy­ers at­tend­ing.

Aside from the graz­ing ewes, which were es­sen­tially steady, the sale prices for ewes eased back this week. Ewe en­tries were a thou­sand head above last week and the medium and heavy ewes were just marked back.

They are still sell­ing at very firm lev­els with re­gard to sched­ules but, un­for­tu­nately, it has al­most got to the stage where wool is be­ing dis­counted on the ewes and shorn ewes are mak­ing a com­par­a­tive pre­mium.

A hand­ful of hoggets and twotooth ewes re­mained calm and there was a rea­son­able en­try of cull flock rams for the dog meat buy­ers.

Two big Friesian steers started the cat­tle sale; sell­ing for $2194 ($2.66) and a cou­ple of rea­son­able South Devon cross heifers were steady at $1230 ($2.59).

The bet­ter cows firmed to­day but with some in-calf cows amongst them the foetal blood would have been an at­trac­tion for the works buy­ers. Bon­ers were steady on last week.

Two lines of Here­ford bulls stood out in the cat­tle sale and sold well at $2251 ($2.85) for 9 and $2052 ($2.83) for 2 with a Friesian bull sell­ing for $2.86.

Cat­tle sale en­tries are still low with no im­mi­nent in­crease likely such is the short­age of cows to kill around.

Sheep (5,841): lambs (1,891); prime (1,638), 35-48 kg, $90-$120.50, $2.55-$2.75, firm; store (253), 28-36 kg, $65-$90, $2.15-$2.55, ease; hoggets (65), $40-$95; ewes (3,782); good, heavy, 26-30 kg, $83-$93, $3.00-$3.20, ease; medium, 21-25 kg, $59-$78, $2.80-$3.10, ease; lighter, 16-20 kg, $40-$60, $2.50-$3.00, steady; 2ths (27), $66-$89; male sheep (75), $36-$57.

Cat­tle (64): steers (5), 430-825 kg, $954-$2194, $2.22-$2.66; heifers (4), 475 kg, $1230, $2.59, steady; lighter sorts, 170 kg, $387, $2.28; cows (39); good, heavy, 507-665 kg, $1019-$1339, $1.87-$2.27, firm; bon­ers, 520-574 kg, $936-$1073, $1.75-$1.88, steady; bulls (16), 200-790 kg, $400-$2251, $2.00-$2.86, firm.

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