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Feild­ing Store Stock Sale Fri­day July 21

Af­ter last week’s dec­i­mated storm sale, there was a larger group of buy­ers gath­ered and a no­tice­able lift in buy­ing in­ter­est was ob­vi­ous for the nearly 10,000 lambs of­fered which lifted all lamb sale prices.

Un­for­tu­nately for the ven­dors of quite a few scanned in lamb ewes, this en­thu­si­asm was not ex­pressed in bid­ding for these ewes and re­ally only the younger or bet­ter scanned ewes gar­nered much in­ter­est. 97 two-tooth ewes, scanned with twins, from Si­mon Wish­nowsky sold for $182 but a few other pens were passed in, bear­ing in mind that the qual­ity was not al­ways of the high­est or­der.

The bet­ter male lambs started with some com­pet­i­tive bid­ding and these bet­ter male lambs lifted by around 10 cents/kg above the most re­cent lev­els which took them back to where they were be­fore the stormy weather. As the lamb sale moved into each lower weight range the cents/kg seemed to lift by an­other 10 cents/kg and the lighter and medium lambs lifted the most on the day. 150 woolly cryp­torchids from Hil­don Farm, San­don Road, sold for $142.50 to be eas­ily the day’s top price but these lambs could have been sold at a Mon­day prime sale too as they car­ried some weight. 123 for­ward black­face ewe lambs from J& P Blaikie, Rewa, sold for $135 but these were also very for­ward lambs. The woolly lambs were a lit­tle damp but this did not seem to con­cern the buy­ers and some of the woolly lamb pens seemed to be the ‘‘best sold’’.

Hawkes Bay and Wairarapa buy­ers were the most ac­tive buy­ers, es­pe­cially for the medium lambs.

Cat­tle en­tries climbed well over 1,000 head again which brought in more buy­ers and the well es­tab­lished trend of strong in­ter­est in the bet­ter bred tra­di­tional steers and heifers as well as the bet­ter Friesian bulls was again ob­vi­ous and sale prices lifted again for those cat­tle, es­pe­cially for ris­ing two year old cat­tle.

18 good ris­ing three year An­gus steers from Bel­mont Sta­tion sold for $1850 ($3.06) in a small­ish sec­tion. 21ris­ing two year An­gus and An­gus/ Here­ford cross steers from Dochroyle Ltd, Tai­hape, sold for $1672 ($3.27) and other good An­gus steers sold around $3.50/kg, much to their ven­dors’ de­light. Con­tin­u­ing the firm­ing trend in an­other small­ish sec­tion, tra­di­tional ris­ing year­ling steers sold up to $1135 ($4.05).

More bulls ar­rived which in turn at­tracted more bull buy­ers. The bet­ter ris­ing two year Friesian bulls from the en­tries of IR Blun­den, Hal­combe, and Hills AG Spray­ing, Coly­ton, sold up to $3.15/kg. An­drew Dal­ley, Bun­nythorpe, sold 18 ris­ing year­ling Friesian bulls for $1190 ($3.23) as the bull sec­tions lifted.

Per­haps a sale high­light was a qual­ity of­fer­ing of good, tra­di­tional ris­ing two year heifers.

Rich­wyn Farm, Rangi­wahia, ac­cepted $1415 ($2.93) for 16 heav­ier An­gus/ Here­ford cross heifers and Bul­lock Hills, Pahiatua, sold two pens of An­gus heifers be­tween $3.20 and $3.25/kg.

The year­ling heifer sec­tion was also a small sec­tion but a good one.

Cat­tle sale prices are in an ‘‘in­ter­est­ing’’ place with spring still seem­ingly some way off yet.

Sheep (13,246): ewes (3,719); SIL (3,319), $96-$182; lambs (9,518); 40-50kg, $120-$142.50, $2.80-$3.37, lift; 36-40kg, $112.50-$136.50, $2.94-$3.46, lift; 31-35kg, $98-$119.50, $3.05-$3.65, lift; 25-30kg, $80-$104.50, $3.05-$3.44.

Cat­tle (1,049): steers; R3 (56), 548-603kg, $1700-$1850, $3.06-$3.13; R2 (339), 315-510kg, $950-$1672, $2.52-$3.58, lift; R1 (109), 206-280kg, $770-$1135, $3.63-$4.71; bulls; R2 (124), 348-606kg, $1050-$1780, $2.93-$3.28, lift; R1 (221), 196-368kg, $770-$1190, $2.60-$3.92, lift; heifers; R2 & 3 (138), 317-534kg, $975-$1415, $2.61-$3.25, lift; R1 (62), 105-262kg, $525-$880, $3.35-$5.00.

Feild­ing Prime Stock Sale Mon­day July 24

It was very much a game of two halves in the prime sheep pens and the di­rec­tion was in­flu­enced by the num­ber of ac­tive buy­ers op­er­at­ing. For the prime lamb sec­tion there were, in ef­fect, only two se­ri­ous buy­ers and sale prices eased but more buy­ers fired up in the ewe pens and those sale prices were firm to lift­ing. Half an hour be­fore kick-off, the sheep en­try did not ap­pear very large but some late ar­riv­ing units of sheep lifted num­bers right up by start time.

Three mas­sive male lambs from Moore Part­ner­ship did sell for $170 but lamb prices were back for all weight ranges, in­clud­ing the more sought af­ter medium weights. Saun­ders G4 sold a larger line of 143 male lambs for $163 and the two main buy­ers were able to pur­chase their num­bers with­out ‘‘cut­ting each other’s throat’’. .

No bulls this week.

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