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It would be fair to say that num­bers, or the lack thereof, had a big in­flu­ence on sale prices in the sheep pens. Num­bers of­fered for all types of sheep were re­duced be­low last week’s lev­els and sale prices for all those types were firm to lift­ing. The ewes with lambs at foot sec­tion, which eased back last week, firmed right from the start in spite of the of­fer­ing be­ing mainly medium ewes with no par­tic­u­larly early or large lambs in the pens.

Hogget num­bers were right back. The very first pen up, 109 Rom­ney ewe hoggets from West Val­ley Farm­ing, sold for $169. With good breed­ing be­hind them and well pre­sented by Stu Humphrey, these hoggets could have of­fered a breed­ing op­tion go­ing for­ward. The best of the male hoggets, 60 from ‘‘The Shades:, Mangamahu, sold for $154.50. The heav­ier hoggets re­mained es­sen­tially steady with their val­ues de­ter­mined by meat sched­ules but the sale prices for the lighter and medium hoggets lifted ap­pre­cia­bly. With a lit­tle bit of time re­main­ing for fin­ish­ing and some buy­ing in­ter­est from the Wairarapa com­pet­ing with the lo­cals, this was a strong sale.

The store cat­tle sale suf­fered from a lack of qual­ity and out­stand­ing cat­tle, par­tic­u­larly in the steer sec­tions. The most no­tice­able as­pect of this sale was the lift in two year heifer num­bers with a good num­ber of tra­di­tional heifers of­fered.

There were slim pick­ings of­fered to the feed­lot op­er­a­tors with the best of the steers be­ing 8 An­gus/ Here­ford cross two year steers from ‘‘Ngataki’’, Master­ton, which sold for $1905 ($3.23).

Much of the steer yard­ing was of a dairy cross back­ground and there is some spec­u­la­tion about how many cat­tle will be around if the weather ever im­proves. The dairy cross steers at­tract a re­duced buy­ing in­ter­est from the larger cat­tle fin­ish­ers.

A few more older bulls came for­ward and sold to firm if nar­row range. C& D Jer­vois, Dan­nevirke, sold one pen of 10 Friesians for $1815 ($3.16). As ex­pected, the year­ling Here­ford bulls pro­vided the in­ter­est in that sec­tion and these bulls will be pressed into ser­vice.

‘‘Fedamast’’, Wan­ganui, sold a pen of 6 for $1820 ($4.62). These bulls dis­tort the mar­ket a lit­tle but the or­di­nary Friesian year­ling bulls sold at steady cents/kg lev­els.

The ex­tra heifer num­bers helped lift the heifer sec­tion. N Dunlop, Aokautere, en­tered a few pens of Here­ford/ Friesian cross heifers and one pen of 16 at $1340 ($3.24) topped the lift­ing mar­ket with all the straight An­gus heifers sell­ing around the $3.30 mark again. Some buy­ers will be look­ing for good heifers to go into their herds. This was the strong­est sec­tion on a day which did not re­ally of­fer any­thing spec­tac­u­lar and year­ling heifers re­mained steady.

Sheep (4,759): ewes (743) with LAF (986), $61.50-$92.50; hoggets (2,983); 41-54kg, $141-$169, $3.14-$3.45, steady; 36-40kg, $129-$146, $3.40-$3.76, lift; 31-35kg, $112-$134.50, $3.30-$3.94, lift; 27-30kg, $100-$121, $3.61-$4.02, lift.

Cat­tle (990): steers; 3yr (39), 451-698kg, $1390-$1720, $2.26-$3.17; 2yr (107), 310-598kg, $935-$1905, $2.91-$3.56, steady; 1yr (233), 175-343kg, $630-$1165, $3.14-$4.40, steady; bulls; 2yr (60), 472-568kg, $1525-$1815, $3.09-$3.23, firm; 1yr (141), 250-406kg, $700-$1820, $2.80-$4.63, steady; heifers; 2 & 3yr (285), 276-414kg, $790-$1340, $2.57-$3.37, lift; 1yr (117), 122-317kg, $370-$1030, $2.66-$4.03, steady; cows (8) and calves, 498-697kg, $1440-$1460, $2.09-$2.89.


Sheep en­tries were 2,000 head less than last week’s and this drop was mostly in the num­bers of heavy hoggets of­fered although ewe num­bers were also re­duced. This re­duc­tion in num­bers ac­tu­ally caused a slight lift in the sale prices of the heavy hoggets but not up to the very high prices we have seen this sea­son with today’s top price be­ing $174.50 for 131 male hoggets after a strong pitch from auc­tion­eer Cam Waugh. The firmer lev­els were main­tained for the heavy hogget sec­tion and in to the medium hoggets but then just but­toned off a lit­tle and the medium hoggets were fairly steady on last week over­all.

These for­ward store hoggets as well as the ob­vi­ous store hoggets were steady and, with grow­ing in­di­ca­tions that there will not be large num­bers of early sea­son lambs com­ing for­ward, may of­fer a last trad­ing op­por­tu­nity if their teeth are later cut­ting.

Ewe num­bers are still low with the weather mak­ing life dif­fi­cult for the dock­ing gangs.

There is con­tin­u­ing strong in­quiry for ewe mut­ton and sale prices are still firm­ing. If the early lambs do not come for­ward, this will lead to even more de­mand for ewes.

There was a big in­crease in the num­ber of cows of­fered for sale but there are still not high num­bers com­ing for­ward. Lo­cal trade de­mand kept the sale prices for the steer and the beef heifers at firm lev­els. A num­ber of the dairy cows sold this week were in good or­der but with the same old buy­ers op­er­at­ing in the same old fash­ion, sale prices were vir­tu­ally steady with a lit­tle off the top but the low­est cents/ kg im­prov­ing.

Sheep (5,062): hoggets (4,474); heavy prime (1,414), 51-62kg, $161-$174.50, $2.80-$3.10, slight lift; medium prime (2,564), 40-50kg, $125-$158.50, $3.00-$3.30, steady; store (496), 26-42kg, $61-$139, $2.35-$3.60, steady; ewes (582); good, heavy (124), 26-34kg, $128-$150, $4.50-$5.00, firm; medium (376), 21-25kg, $88-$128, $4.20-$5.10, firm; lighter (53), 16-20kg, $61-$87, $3.80-$4.30, firm; 2th and fresh 4th (29), $68-$121; male sheep (6), $56-$150.

Cat­tle (74): steer (1), 520kg, $1435, $2.76; heifers (3), 400-550kg, $1000-$1578, $2.50-$2.87; cows (69); good, heavy, 385-635kg, $839-$1282, $2.00-$2.48, steady; bon­ers, 365-580kg, $631-$1131, $1.70-$1.98, steady; bull (1), 620kg, $1661, $2.68.


This was de­scribed as a good, strong calf sale with around 200 calves sold. Bulls: Friesian; good, $130-$150; medium, $100-$125; H/Fr x; good, $230-$250; medium, $140-$180. Heifers: H/Fr x; good, $175-$205; medium, $100-$165.

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