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FEILD­ING PRIME STOCK SALE NOVEM­BER 6 Sheep en­tries eased from last week which was not un­ex­pected given this late stage of the hogget sea­son but ewe num­bers dropped back quickly from last week and new sea­son’s lambs are not ex­actly com­ing for­ward in any great num­bers.

Hogget sched­ules are com­ing back a lit­tle and, com­bined with a cou­ple less buy­ers op­er­at­ing this week, the sale prices for hoggets at this sale also eased.

The ma­jor­ity of the hoggets were medium types, pre­dom­i­nantly ewe hoggets, with very few heavy males of­fered. The heavy males topped out at $184 for 11 from Hugh Win­der and $183 for 7 from Holly Farm but all weight ranges eased back by a sim­i­lar amount in­clud­ing the store hoggets. Most of the hoggets had no teeth left so time is up.

The spring lambs re­mained quite steady.

The sale be­gan with a nice line of 85 from Black­burn and Sons which sold for $164 and Kon­tiki Farm later ex­ceeded that value with 21 sell­ing for $170.

These prices are a frac­tion less than last week but es­sen­tially steady all the same.

Ewe num­bers were nearly 2,000 less than last week and, with all the good vibes in the mut­ton mar­ket, sale prices im­proved again even with­out the spec­tac­u­lar prices of the last two weeks.

There was an even split be­tween good and medium types but all weight ranges lifted with no prob­lem sell­ing graz­ing ewes.

The dis­count be­tween fresh two-tooths and hoggets re­mains less than pre­vi­ous years and it looks like there will be no eas­ing in the price of sausages soon.

Even af­ter last week’s lift in cow sale prices, cow val­ues re­mained firm. One reg­u­lar hogget trader moved into the cow auc­tion.

The ma­jor­ity of the cows of­fered were dairies and also more Jer­seys came for­ward this week which sell at a dis­count to the Friesians. There was also more weight in this week’s cow of­fer­ing.

One good An­gus steer sold for $2006 ($2.95) but the heifers were not par­tic­u­larly heavy and sold ac­cord­ingly.

The bulls sold over a wide range with the very big heavy beef ex-ser­vice bulls and one big slabby Friesian bull ob­vi­ously sell­ing at a cents/kg dis­count. There was also a high pro­por­tion of Jer­sey bulls en­tered.

Sheep (5,356): lambs (615); 22-56kg, $80-$170, $3.03-$4.00; hoggets (1,742); heavy prime (232), 51-66kg, $160-$184, $2.80-$3.20, ease; medium prime (1,402), 40-50kg, $120-$157, $3.00-$3.30, ease; store (108), 30-38kg, $70-$121, $2.40-$3.20, ease; ewes (2,898); good, heavy (1,186), 26-30kg, $136-$170, $5.25-$5.60, lift; medium, (1,390), 21-25kg, $111-$139, $5.30-$5.60, lift; lighter (224), 17-20kg, $80-$106, $4.70-$5.30, lift; 2ths (98), $115-$140; male sheep (101); 2ths (62), $55-$165; adult (39), $52-$100.

Cat­tle (101): steer (1), 680kg, $2006, $2.95; heifers (13); 310-457kg, $914-$1074, $2.35-$2.95; lesser sorts, 260-295kg, $364-$472, $1.40-$1.60; cows (60); good, heavy, 540-740kg, $1198-$1672, $2.17-$2.26, firm; bon­ers, 420-540kg, $831-$1150, $1.90-$2.42, firm; lesser sorts, 310- 390kg, $468-$592, $1.51-$1.52; bulls (27); 455-1040kg, $1110-$2244, $1.51-$2.83. FEILD­ING STORE STOCK SALE NOVEM­BER 3 Once again this week, spring lambs only came for­ward in very lim­ited num­bers and many sale ob­servers are pre­dict­ing a big in­flux of small-medium store lambs at some stage soon. 13 prime lambs from Cas­tle Glen Farms, Fox­ton, sold for $135 and, of the bet­ter store lambs, the Hugh Lil­burn Fam­ily Trust, Makino Road, sold 157 mixed sex lambs for $112.

Ewes with lambs at foot sold to steady de­mand al­though one small line of 8 ewes and 17 lambs from S& J Lynch, Kairanga, sold for an im­pres­sive $118.

The main in­ter­est in the hogget sec­tion was a line of nearly 500 shorn cap­i­tal stock ewe hoggets from PJ Broughan, Dan­nevirke. These sold in two lines with some ob­servers con­sid­er­ing their value as two-tooths but the auc­tions were dom­i­nated by meat buy­ers and the two lines even­tu­ally sold to the same buyer for $167 and $155.

To­tal sheep num­bers were even less than last week.

The cat­tle sale of­fered plenty of pens with­out any par­tic­u­larly large lines but there were in­ter­est­ing stand­out lines in most sec­tions. 6 three year old An­gus steers from Tau­mata Sta­tion, Pon­garoa, sold for $2030 ($3.26) match­ing last week’s top three year olds and this week’s draft of 24 An­gus/Here­ford two year old steers from Tony Brown, Kim­bolton, sold for $1870 ($3.33), also match­ing last week with both those steer sec­tions be­ing firm.

This firm­ness did not carry over into the year­ling steer sec­tion and, with the ma­jor­ity of these cat­tle be­ing dairy cross, this sec­tion may have soft­ened a lit­tle with no cat­tle of great in­ter­est of­fered in what was a large sec­tion.

Sheep (1,973): ewes (334) with LAF (504), $78-$118; dry ewes (99), $75-$151; hoggets (580), 31-47kg, $94-$167, $3.05-$3.53; lambs (456); 30-40kg, $112-$135, $3.41-$3.69; 18-28kg, $74-$107, $3.18-$4.02.

Cat­tle (1,179): steers; 3yr (24), 561-622kg, $1790-$2030, $3.04-$3.27, firm; 2yr (147), 318-562kg, $1045-$1870, $2.91-$3.46, firm; 1yr (313), 192-361kg, $735-$1270, $2.55-$3.92, soft; bulls; 2yr (29), 386-592kg, $1110-$1815, $2.88-$3.07; 1yr (214), 180-440kg, $580-$1365, $2.99-$3.59; heifers; 2yr (92), 321-526kg, $990-$1585, $2.94-$3.55, lift; 1yr (347), 195-333kg, $700-$1130, $2.96-$3.79, lift; cows (13) and calves, 564kg, $1815, $3.22.

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