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Re­sults from Wed­nes­day 29th Novem­ber:

Com­pe­ti­tion Stable­ford.

Bryan North­cott & Lyn­don Moore 47pts, Bill Patene 46pts, Rob Giles 45pts, Don McPher­son & Mark Nevile 44pts, Ann Robin­son, Rex Wilson, Joseph Tap­per, & Bob Pit­tawy all 43pts, Peter Young & Neville Berendt 42 pts, Judy Cook­sley, Graeme Stephens, Ron Har­ris, Michelle Mos­sop & Rus­sell Kane all 41pts.

No Twos. Lucky Draw Martin Field. Jack­pot holes 2 & 4 - Ann robin­son with 7 points

Ran­gi­tikei Xmas Cheer 9/12/17 Multi tee start 11am play­ing in 5’s

1. R Har­ris N Bligh D Wray B Brown K Burt. 1a M Mos­sop A and F Sole M and L Peina

2. T Anaru N An­drews J An­drews T Tuhura C Wiperi. 2a. D and K We­hipei­hana Palmy Palmy J Cook­sley

3, H Brem­ner x 4 B Pit­t­away 4. Tino x 4, H Po­taka 5. R and L Kane D and B Ward K Yorke 6.P McCarthy M Ball M Howie W Doughty S DeBurgh. 6a. S Boyens, J Packer A Robin­son J Tap­per C Robin­son

7.J Bowles B Shannon D John­ston D Philipps A Nother. 7a. D Waerea J Waerea J Wini­ata M Tuhan A Nother

8.M Field B Meads S Ewens R Giles B Vann. 8a. R Yorke A Dun­can C Wil­liams Steve, Radar

9. K Field Gra­ham, Tug, Stu, Mac. 9a. P Ed­monds x 5

10.B and L Kin­loch P and W Masters S Astis. 10a. A White S Amor D Cowie N and M Withell

11.C and A Bary R and N McDer­mott D Wright. 11a. L Wake P Con­nely B Beck G Calkin C Mur­phy

12.P Young M Brown A Reed B Patene G Crox­ton

13.Levin x 5 13a K Boyle M Hill J Boyle M Dre­lios J Dre­lios

14.Fox­ton No1 x 4 G Stephens 14a. Fox­ton No2 x 4 Cody

15.C Fa­gan x 4 T John­son 15a. Fox­ton No3 x 4 F Hill

16.K Shield J McKen­zie R Wilson A Nother A Nother

17.K and T Cooper H and D Sweet­man A Wix. 17a. D Stevens C Hawe S and R Scott L Har­ris

18.M Buchanan H Hare W Harold R Te Matiki N Rawl­in­son. 18a. I and H Craig I MacKay N Berendt E Hart­ford


Satur­day 4 De­cem­ber S Dun­can 47, G McIver 42, H Brem­ner 41, A Ste­wart 41, B Cameron 40 Sun­day 5 De­cem­ber Cham­pagne Break­fast 1st B Craig, P Singer and M Simp­son 58.9, 2nd P Simp­son, C Bary, N McDer­mott, J Christie, Craig Skou 59.4, 3rd J Calkin, D Clarke, J Yorke and B Pratt Twi­light Wed 29th Nov A calm, warm evening meant an­other great turnout with some good scor­ing. Good to see some of our nine hole play­ers, lots of non-golfers, and the Hunt­ley boys golf camp join­ing in the com­pe­ti­tion.

Golfers: Matt Roberts 1st, D Wil­liams 2nd, Ben Gunn 3rd, Ron Win 4th, A Paulger 5th, K Ains­ley 6th

Non- golfers: Todd Sut­ton 1st, Tayler Burke 2nd, B Brooker 3rd, G Clausen 4th, J White 5th, E Berry 6th, H White 7th.

Lucky Draw: Gra­ham Mar­shall, C Tapp, Bruce White, Ian Gunn.

Twi­light Christ­mas Cheer, spon­sored by Richards Con­struc­tion, will now be on Wed Dec 20th. Tee off 4.30-6pm. En­try fee $8 in­cludes light meal with dessert.


Tues­day 28th. Stable­ford; R Karatea 30, J Stan­tiall 29, P Charlesworth 21. Men; L Neu­mann 33, P Thomp­son32, B Par­lane 25. 9 Hole; B Hills 27, B Philps 23, L Churchill 23, D Pen­fold 22, G Burgess 19, J Van Loo 16. Near­est Pin; Not struck.

Satur­day 2nd. The PAVEMASTER Sum­mer Stable­ford; N Skel­ton 48, M Porter, M Pick­ford, D Todd, P Scott 42, G Cun­ning­ham, D Rhode, G Forbes 40. Near­est the pin; R McDer­mott.

Com­ing events: Tues­day sum­mer golf, 9.30 am tee off. Satur­day 9th Sum­mer Stable­ford, 11.00 am tee off. Prize giv­ing date TBA. Vis­i­tors and ca­sual golfers play 9 or 18 holes for only $10. New mem­bers pay only $250. All wel­come. Con­tact Grant; 0210 572 931.


Warm con­di­tions for our putting round Tues­day 5th. Re­sults as fol­lows: 1st Division: 1st Neil Pow­ell 16 c/b Shirley Bal­lard 16. 2nd Division: 1st Mike Mor­land 14, 2nd Sam Atkin­son 15, 3rd Richard Peirce 16, 4th Barry Florence 17 c/b. 3rd Division: 1st John Fraser 15, 2nd Jill Bryant 16, 3rd Jan Cook 18 c/b. Lucky Card win­ner: Roy Pow­ell. Raf­fle win­ner: Lyn Shaw. Next week is the fi­nal round for the ACA Sum­mer Se­ries and clos­ing day. Please note early start of 8.30 with Starters: Roy & Made­line Pow­ell, Cards: Sam Atkin­son & Brian Short and Kitchen: Ewen Grant. Lunch will be Bob’s BBQ.


Cen­tral Re­gion NZ Vet­er­ans Croquet Tour­na­ment Days 4 & 5. Lev­els Sin­gles Win­ner: John Muir (Taranaki) 9 wins +31, Run­ner up: Peter Batch­e­lor (Taranaki) 9 wins +29. In­di­vid­ual Re­sults: J.Muir bt Reynolds 7-2, Powis 7-1, M.Muir 7-2, John­ston 7-5, Cook 7-1, Power 7-5, Grant 7-4, N.Batch­e­lor 7-4, Charl­ton 7-4; P.Batch­e­lor bt Reynolds 7-1, Powis 7-2, M.Muir 7-4, John­ston 7-2, Cook 7-5, Power 7-3, N.Batch­e­lor 7-5, Charl­ton 7-5, J.Muir 7-3; Lynette Grant (Hawkes Bay) bt P.Batch­e­lor 7-3, Charl­ton 6-4, Power 7-6, John­ston 7-5, Powis 7-4, Reynolds 7-5; Er­roll John­ston (HB) bt Charl­ton 7-5, N.Batch­e­lor 7-6, Power 7-5, Cook 7-6, Powis 7-5; Jayne Powis (HB) bt Charl­ton 7-6, N.Batch­e­lor 7-3, Power 7-6, Cook 7-3, M.Muir 7-3; Mar­garet Muir (T) bt N.Batch­e­lor 7-6, Grant 7-5, Power 7-4, John­ston 7-6, Reynolds 7-4; Ian Power (Manawatu-Wan­ganui) bt Charl­ton 7-3, N.Batch­e­lor 7-6, Reynolds 7-6; Joan Cook (HB) bt N.Batch­e­lor 7-6, Grant 7-6, M.Muir 7-2, Reynolds 7-5; Colleen Reynolds (HB) bt Charl­ton 7-6, N.Batch­e­lor 7-3, John­ston 7-6, Powis 7-5; Nola Batch­e­lor (T) bt Charl­ton 7-4, Grant 7-6; Max Charl­ton (M-W) bt Cook 7-5, Muir 7-5. Hand­i­cap Sin­gles Win­ner: Owen Bir­chall (Manawatu-Wan­ganui), Run­ner up: Diane Char­teris (Hawkes Bay) In­di­vid­ual re­sults Sec­tion Play: Chris Reay (M-W) bt Ross 7-0, Char­teris 7-2, Cook 7-1, LaHood 7-0, El Besh­lawi 7-2; O.Bir­chall bt Reay 7-5, Char­teris 7-5, LaHood 7-3, El Besh­lawi 7-2; Shirley Bir­chall (M-W) bt Reay 7-4, Ross 7-5, Cook 7-6, O.Bir­chall 7-6;Ross 7-4, LaHood 7-2, S.Bir­chall 7-4; Jeff Cook (HB) bt Char­teris 7-5, O.Bir­chall 7-4, LaHood 7-4; Elwi El Besh­lawi (M-W) bt Char­teris 7-5, Cook 7-5, S.Bir­chall 7-3; Frances LaHood (M-W) bt Ross 7-4, S.Bir­chall 7-2, El Besh­lawi 7-3; David Ross (M

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