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Af­ter such a pun­ish­ing last week, lamb en­tries were well over 10,000 head fewer than last week at un­der 7000.

That in it­self would al­ways help the mar­ket but, cou­pled with the fact that some­body told the South Is­land that lambs were cheap last week, lamb sale prices lifted over­all by around $10-15/head and, in some cases, by up to $20/head.

A small pen of 28 freshly weaned, white­face lambs from C Rob­bie, Palmer­ston North, sold for $119 but these were works qual­ity with 90 top mixed-sex black­face store lambs from Roger Woodruffe, Awahuri, sell­ing for $117.

Read­ing these fig­ures, it is ob­vi­ous that the ab­so­lute top end did not change greatly but the medium and lighter lambs, that were hit the hard­est last week, re­claimed vir­tu­ally all of last week’s fall.

A few pens of shorn lambs did not lack for buy­ers but all the lambs en­joyed a good day. With the rain be­ing so lo­calised and un­evenly dis­trib­uted, the lo­cal buy­ers were not par­tic­u­larly ac­tive and most lambs headed to the South Is­land or Hawkes Bay.

Some cat­tle sec­tions en­joyed a lift as well, es­pe­cially the bet­ter tra­di­tional steers. The yard­ing was again dom­i­nated by year­ling cat­tle but num­bers over­all were less and much more man­age­able.

Struan Jones of Stan­way grown up chil­dren’s trust sold 20 An­gus two year steers for $1825 ($3.05) and the BLT Part­ner­ship, Feild­ing, sold 20 good year­ling An­gus steers for $1660 ($3.12). Steers may well have re­cov­ered the eas­ing they suf­fered last week but mostly, as stated, for the bet­ter black steers.

Bulls was per­haps the day’s weak­est cat­tle sec­tion and one sus­pects that money could be made by those buy­ing bulls to carry through this dry pe­riod of in­creased slaugh­ter de­mand.

Two year bulls were rea­son­ably steady on a small yard­ing - D Whit­ing, Ash­hurst, sold 4 An­gus bulls for $1545 ($2.81) but the year­ling bulls were harder work. To­tara Grove, Hal­combe, sold the heav­i­est year­ling bulls, 16 Friesians, for $1218 ($2.54) which is clearly be­low re­cent highs.

The heifers did suf­fer a lit­tle with a lack of qual­ity in the older heifers and low num­bers and some pens of year­ling heifers def­i­nitely looked buyable later in the sale but are not easy to place in these dry con­di­tions.

David Smart Farms, Lees Road, sold the first pen of year­ling heifers, 13 Charo­lais cross heifers, for $1110 ($2.64) and this re­mained the top heifer price.

Sheep (7,000): ewes (262), $51-$85; hoggets (20), $122; lambs (6,718); 32-43kg, $87-$119, $2.45-$3.25, lift; 26-30kg, $67-$92.50, $2.48-$3.37, lift; 20-25kg, $44.50-$83, $2.13-$3.45, lift.

Cat­tle (1,272): steers; 2yr (195), 375-599kg, $1370-$1825, $2.75-$3.15, lift; 1yr (414), 132-532kg, $380-$1660, $2.71-$3.44, lift; bulls; 2yr (33), 410-550kg, $1110-$1545, $2.71-$3.02, firm; 1yr (192), 273-479kg, $720-$1218, $2.51-$2.78, ease; heifers; 2yr (30), 285-440kg, $590-$970, $2.07-$2.53, ease; 1yr (378), 173-408kg, $520-$1110, $2.49-$2.89, ease; cows (30) and calves at foot, 510-635kg, $800-$1670, $1.57-$2.91.


This sea­son’s prime sale pro­gramme ended the year with more of a whim­per than a bang and a rel­a­tively un­re­mark­able sale for both sheep and cat­tle. This was largely driven by num­bers as the only sec­tion that in­creased in size was the bull sec­tion as the an­nual in­flux of Jer­sey bulls be­gan.

Prime lamb num­bers dropped back and the num­ber of bet­ter prime lambs was an in­di­ca­tion of the dif­fi­cul­ties many are hav­ing lift­ing their lambs to good slaugh­ter weights.

Much of the yard­ing could ar­guably have been clas­si­fied as store or, at best, for­ward store. Not so for 5 mas­sive lambs from Adrian Thurston’s dairy farm which sold for $145 and the Struan Land Com­pany sold 40 lambs for $140.

Even with the re­duced prime lamb num­bers there was an over­all slight eas­ing in sale prices and cents/kg. The store lambs eased more but, as has been stated pre­vi­ously, this is not re­ally the sale for store lambs. They were cer­tainly cheaper than the lambs sold at last Fri­day’s strong store lamb sale.

With over 2000 ewes fewer than last Mon­day and a no­tice­able eas­ing in sale prices last Mon­day, there was a def­i­nite im­prove­ment in ewe sale prices to­day. The heav­ier ewes lifted with the medium ewes at least firm. The graz­ing ewes did not change a great deal at all.

3 big An­gus/Here­ford steers at­tracted at­ten­tion and sold for $1945 ($2.82) which does leave the prospect of farm­ing on if so wished. One heavy An­gus/Friesian heifer sold for $1505 ($1.93) with the lesser cents/kg re­flect­ing the breed and thus the likely yield of the an­i­mal.

Sheep (4,931): lambs (1,716); prime (1,468), 33-56kg, $90-$145, $2.60-$3.10, ease; store (248), 26-34kg, $70-$101, $2.50-$3.00, ease; hoggets (44), $55-$100; ewes (3,105); good, heavy (745), 26-34kg, $104-$134, $3.90-$4.30, lift; medium (1,556), 21-25kg, $79-$101, $3.75-$4.20, firm; lighter (798), 16-20kg, $38-$78, $2.20-$3.90, steady; 2ths (6), $80-$81; male sheep (66), $40-$82.

Cat­tle (138): steers (3), 690kg, $1945, $2.82; heifers (16), 425-780kg, $1011-$1505, $1.93-$2.41; lesser sorts, 282-417kg, $353-$750, $1.25-$2.31; cows (58); good, heavy, 506-724kg, $885-$1346, $1.71-$2.05, firm; bon­ers, 380-530kg, $547-$901, $1.44-$1.70, steady; lesser sorts, 290-300kg, $330-$353, $1.10-$1.22; bulls (61), 300-1010kg, $666-$2146, $1.47-$2.68.

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