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1 Warm your bath sur­face up be­fore you use your cleaner and then leave it on for a good five to 10 min­utes be­fore scrub­bing it to get the op­ti­mum clean.

2 Use dryer sheets to eas­ily clean soap scum from the glass shower door.

3 Se­cure spice racks on the wall next to your mir­ror to or­gan­ise lo­tions and hair care prod­ucts, or try screw­ing a mag­a­zine holder to the back of a cabi­net drawer to store your hair dryer.

4 Grab a drill, fit a scrub­bing brush to the end and use your favourite cleaner to give sur­faces a good, solid clean.

5 Got lime stains in your shower? Use pumice or CLR (cal­cium, lime and rust) to re­move them fast and eas­ily.

6 Try us­ing poly­mer-based car wax to coat your toi­let and keep it stain-free for up to six months. Sim­ply clean the toi­let to re­move ex­ist­ing stains and back the wa­ter out. This is done by shut­ting off the wa­ter valve, flush­ing the toi­let and hold­ing down the han­dle un­til most of the wa­ter flows out of the tank, then pour­ing a bucket of wa­ter into the bowl. Dry the in­te­rior with a cot­ton cloth and use a sep­a­rate cloth to ap­ply the pro­tec­tant. Let it sit for 10 min­utes, then re­plen­ish the wa­ter. Make sure you keep a win­dow open for ven­ti­la­tion.

7 Clean your shower drain by pour­ing down ½ cup of bak­ing soda and ½ cup of vine­gar. Cover the drain with a wet cloth and wait five min­utes be­fore flush­ing hot wa­ter down it.

8 Pre­vent your bath­room mir­ror fog­ging up by lath­er­ing it with shav­ing cream then wip­ing clean with a towel. It will stay fog-free for a few weeks .

9 Add an ex­tra shower rod for ad­di­tional stor­age to house kids’ bath toys.

10 Make hair­care ac­ces­sories (such as tweez­ers, bobby pins and makeup brushes) easy to find by ap­ply­ing mag­netic strips be­hind cabi­net doors.

Make hair­care ac­ces­sories (tweez­ers, bobby pins and brushes) easy to find by ap­ply­ing mag­netic strips be­hind cabi­net doors

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