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1 Did you know set­ting your­self a timer and giv­ing your­self a time limit to clean each room ac­tu­ally makes you clean faster?

2 Use vodka to quick-clean your mat­tress. Most clean­ing ex­perts sug­gest clean­ing your mat­tress ev­ery sea­son. Vodka is a great odour­less dis­in­fec­tant which evap­o­rates fast, so make a spritzer us­ing wa­ter and vodka then spray on the mat­tress and pil­lows when chang­ing the sheets.

3 Clean vene­tian blinds by clos­ing them, putting a sock on your hand and dust­ing each one. Al­ter­na­tively, try tongs wrapped in clean­ing cloths and se­cured with rub­ber bands.

4 Use white vine­gar to re­move musty smells from old fur­ni­ture and draw­ers be­fore putting your new sea­son’s clothes in them. Martha Stew­art recommends fill­ing plas­tic con­tain­ers with white vine­gar, seal­ing and punch­ing holes in the lids, then putting one in­side each drawer or cabi­net overnight to ab­sorb odours.

5 Clean rugs with a shower squeegee in­stead of a vac­uum. If you’ve got pets with long hair, of­ten vac­u­um­ing will only weave fur fi­bres fur­ther into a rug. A rub­ber-edged squeegee glides along smoothly, cre­at­ing static elec­tric­ity which draws hair and fur from the car­pet.

6 Use your favourite fra­grant soaps to per­fume clothes by leav­ing the pa­per on them and slip­ping them into your un­der­wear drawer.

7 Mop with your feet. Choose a thick pair of ab­sorbent socks, spritz with ei­ther wa­ter and white vine­gar or floor cleaner and glide across your floor­boards. Spritz again and head around one more time to pick up the dust. It’s a work­out too!

8 Use mask­ing tape as a duster to spring clean those dif­fi­cult spots where a duster doesn’t quite cut it. Think lamp­shades, speak­ers and the in­side of draw­ers.

9 Use shav­ing cream to re­move stub­born stains from up­hol­stery. Ap­ply a small amount to a damp cloth, dab onto the spot and let it sit for 30 min­utes, then clean with a damp cloth.

10 Get rid of crayon marks on walls by us­ing tooth­paste. While clean­ing sprays can dis­colour walls, white, non-gel tooth­paste that con­tains bak­ing soda acts as an abra­sive to rub away the wax with­out leav­ing a stain.

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