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Ed­i­ble gar­dens

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1 Food plants need rich, dark, welldrained soil, or use a veg­etable con­tainer mix from a gar­den cen­tre.

2 Rather than try­ing to get your gar­den in dur­ing one busy week­end, space your plant­ing out over the course of sev­eral weeks. By stag­ger­ing your plant­ings, you can main­tain a con­tin­u­ous sup­ply of leafy greens un­til au­tumn.

3 Mulch your gar­den or tubs. Mulch de­ters weeds, re­tains mois­ture, and adds or­ganic mat­ter to the soil. Straw, grass clip­pings, pine nee­dles, shred­ded leaves, dead weeds that haven’t gone to seed – all can be used as mulch.

4 Sun and rain will­ing, fast grow­ers such as radishes and salad greens will be­gin to pro­duce crops as early as 20-30 days af­ter plant­ing.

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