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Who says pizza should be limited to a savoury dish? If the Prime Min­is­ter can get away with dol­lop­ing canned spaghetti and pineap­ple on a pizza base, then there’s cer­tainly no rea­son for the rest of us not to raid the pantry for new and in­ven­tive pizza top­pings. And for those with a sweet tooth, the op­tions are end­less. So whether you like the idea of fruity, choco­latey, nutty or tart, there will be a top­ping to suit. Some of our favourites are:

Cookie crum­ble

Cream cheese ic­ing, chocolate chips, crum­bled cook­ies and white chocolate on oaty cookie crust.

Nutty choc

Chocolate spread with wal­nuts and marsh­mal­lows, driz­zled with dark chocolate on cookie dough crust.

Ap­ple crisp

Ap­ple slices tossed in su­gar and cin­na­mon, topped with oat crum­ble and caramel sauce on pizza dough.

Cookie dough crust with ap­ple sauce, fruit purée, ba­nanas, peanut but­ter, co­conut & wal­nuts

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