Adorable dog­gies

Food - - Cheat’s cakes -

PREP + COOK TIME 1 hour + chill­ing SERVES 12 (4 of each cake) v

453g tub vanilla frost­ing black food colour­ing brown food colour­ing 12 x dou­ble choco­late chip muffins 12 x dou­ble choco­late chip mini muffins 1m black licorice strap 12 black jelly beans 5 red sour straps or straw­berry fruit leathers 12 white choco­late melts 4 pink licorice all­sorts 4 yel­low mini M&M’S 4 milk choco­late melts 1 small piece round soft-eat­ing licorice 2 white marsh­mal­lows 8 brown mini M&M’S

1 Di­vide frost­ing into 3 small bowls. Tint one pale grey with black colour­ing, one pale brown with brown colour­ing, and leave re­main­ing frost­ing plain.

2 Place muffins on cake board or serv­ing plat­ter for dec­o­rat­ing. Dis­card pa­per cases from mini muffins. Se­cure mini muffins, side­ways, on top of large muffins with a lit­tle frost­ing, to cre­ate the heads of an­i­mals.

3 Spread grey frost­ing all over 4 cakes. For each cake, cut licorice strap into three 5cm slices; us­ing pic­ture as a guide, trim to re­sem­ble ears and nose. Halve 1 jelly bean for eyes, and halve 1 jelly bean length­ways for nose; po­si­tion on cake. Trim a red strap into a 1.5cm piece for tongue; place on cake. Re­peat with re­main­ing grey cakes.

4 Place plain frost­ing into a pip­ing bag fit­ted with 1.5cm fluted noz­zle. Pipe all over four cakes to add tex­ture. Us­ing pic­ture as a guide, po­si­tion white choco­late melts to form ears and nose. Trim a small piece of re­main­ing licorice strap into a tri­an­gle for nose. Cut a jelly bean in half and po­si­tion for eyes. Cut pink sec­tion of licorice all­sort into tri­an­gles for bow. Cut a red sour strap into thirds length­ways, place around neck for col­lar; po­si­tion a yel­low M&M for tag. Re­peat with re­main­ing plain cakes.

5 Spread brown frost­ing over re­main­ing 4 cakes. Us­ing pic­ture as a guide, po­si­tion a milk choco­late melt for nose; se­cure a thin slice of soft licorice onto melt with a lit­tle frost­ing. Cut marsh­mal­lows in half; at­tach one brown M&M to one half; po­si­tion on cake for eye. At­tach an­other brown M&M onto face for eye. Trim licorice strap into two 3cm pieces for ears; po­si­tion on cake. Re­peat with re­main­ing brown cakes.

PER SERVE En­ergy 744kcal, 3114kj • Pro­tein 9.6g • To­tal Fat 32.9g • Sat­u­rated Fat 13.4g • Car­bo­hy­drate 104g • Fi­bre 2.2g • Sodium 481mg

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