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450g dou­ble un­filled sponge slabs 453g tub vanilla frost­ing blue food colour­ing 25 jubes 26 fruit jelly lol­lies 13 rasp­berry lol­lies 13 rain­bow sour straps 14 fruit rings 14 boiled lol­lies 7 black jelly beans, halved 1 ice­cream wafer, trimmed into a tri­an­gle shape 2cm piece licorice strap 1 small slice soft-eat­ing licorice

1 Place cake slabs to­gether, long sides touch­ing; se­cure with a lit­tle frost­ing. Us­ing photo as a guide, cut out pea­cock shape from cake. Se­cure pea­cock to a 13cm x 16cm cake board with frost­ing.

2 Tint frost­ing blue. Spread all over cake, adding a lit­tle tex­ture for feath­ers us­ing the tip of a pal­ette knife.

3 Us­ing pic­ture as a guide, thread 13 wooden skew­ers with lol­lies to make pea­cock’s tail, end­ing with a fruit ring topped with a boiled lolly and jelly bean half.

4 Cut ice­cream wafer into a 2cm tri­an­gle; po­si­tion for beak. Cut re­main­ing fruit ring in half; place at bot­tom of pea­cock for feet. Shape the licorice strap into an eye shape; top with re­main­ing boiled lolly and a slice of soft licorice.

PER SERVE En­ergy 414kcal, 1734kj • Protein 6g • To­tal Fat 8.7g • Sat­u­rated Fat 4.2g • Car­bo­hy­drate 80.9g • Fi­bre 0.8g • Sodium 227mg

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