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Stor­age bags

Cut a 30cm x 62cm rec­tan­gle and a 20cm-di­am­e­ter cir­cle of can­vas. Fol­low laun­dry­ham­per method (be­low), but leave plain. If you wish to dec­o­rate, leave about a 6cm blank band around the top.

Laun­dry ham­per

Cut a 92cm x 63cm rec­tan­gle and a 30cm-di­am­e­ter cir­cle of can­vas. Dec­o­rate rec­tan­gle us­ing fab­ric paint (we used a potato stamp), leav­ing blank a 10cm-wide bor­der along one long edge (this will be the top and is best left blank in case the paint shows through when you fold it over). Leave to dry. With right sides to­gether, fold rec­tan­gle in half and sew along the 63cm edge to form a tube. With right sides to­gether, pin cir­cle to bot­tom of tube (end with­out blank bor­der) and sew to­gether. Turn right side out. Fold over top edge twice to form a 5cm cuff. Cut 2 x 80cm straps from head­ing tape and sew to the bag.

Wall or­gan­iser

Cut a 28cm x 87cm piece of can­vas for back, and 3 pieces of can­vas 26cm x 23cm for pock­ets. Hem long sides of back; hem all sides of pock­ets. On back piece, fold top down 2.5cm, fold again and sew along bot­tom. Re­peat for bot­tom edge. Take pock­ets and con­certina-fold short edges 3 times; iron folds. Work­ing from bot­tom, sew on pock­ets, spaced 2.5cm apart. In­sert 30cm dowel in top hem and 25cm dowel in bot­tom hem. At­tach leather string and hang.

Floor cush­ion

Cut 2 pieces of 73cm-square can­vas, and 4 strips of 73cm x 15cm can­vas. (When sewing, al­low 2.5cm seam al­lowance.) With right sides to­gether, sew 1 strip along each side of 1 square. Right sides to­gether, sew 2nd square to 3 of strips, leav­ing 1 side open. Sew up all 4 cor­ners. Turn right side out; stuff with fill­ing. Hand-sew to close. Zip and han­dle are op­tional.

When it comes to styling your in­te­rior, adding home­made touches is an ap­peal­ing – not to men­tion af­ford­able – way to in­ject per­son­al­ity. Our new craft series demon­strates how easy it can be.

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