Re­port all crime, but let pest con­trol han­dle ants


It’s al­ways sur­pris­ing what peo­ple re­port and don’t re­port to the po­lice.

Last night some­one was sleep­ing in their bed and saw a hand hold­ing a torch pok­ing in their bed­room win­dow, so they shut the win­dow and went back to sleep. We were told a day later.

The day be­fore some­one re­ported to us that they had ants run­ning out of con­trol in their kitchen cup­boards.

When to call 111, or tell us about the in­ci­dent later can be dif­fi­cult to de­cide. Of­ten we hear that they didn’t want to bother us - or thought it wasn’t sig­nif­i­cant.

If a crime is hap­pen­ing right now then phone 111.

If you dis­cover you have been the vic­tim of a crime and the of­fend­ers are clearly gone, then phone your lo­cal sta­tion or call in dur­ing busi­ness hours. If you ring af­ter busi­ness hours the call is di­verted to Manukau Po­lice Sta­tion where there is tele­phone oper­a­tors 24 hours.

So some­one try­ing to reach into your home is def­i­nitely a 111 call. If we get the call early we can cor­don the area and use po­lice dogs who can track the bur­glars’ scent if there’s not too much de­lay. If we are told 12 hours later we are on the back-foot.

If you hear an as­sault or do­mes­tic in­ci­dent, that’s a 111 call. See some­one with your stolen prop­erty, phone 111, dis­cover your car gone, phone the po­lice sta­tion. There are too many ex­am­ples to cover but hope­fully you get the idea.

But al­ways re­port the crime - not mat­ter how triv­ial you think it may be, or how busy you think we are. We are al­ways ar­rest­ing of­fend­ers for a string of crimes in the same street or area.

In the past week we’ve had a spike in thefts from cars in the Waiuku area overnight, some were locked some un­locked and they were mostly parked up drive­ways but with ob­jects vis­i­ble in them. Last night two young peo­ple were ar­rested for a hand­ful of these of­fences.

What can you do to make your prop­erty safer? Don’t leave any­thing of value vis­i­ble in the car, con­sider putting it in a garage or be­hind gates if you can. Sen­sor lights are a great de­ter­rent.

In Pukekohe we’ve had some­one ac­tive at night in the Paer­ata Rd area, look­ing for un­locked houses and sheds and steal­ing things like hand­bags from the house or ob­jects of value out­side. Lock your house and sheds at night and shut your win­dows.

If you are driv­ing home or look­ing out your win­dow and you see some­one walk­ing around late at night look­ing sus­pi­cious phone us, phone 111. Why? be­cause it’s po­ten­tially a crime hap­pen­ing now or about to hap­pen.

So if it’s hap­pen­ing now tell us now, if it’s hap­pened at a un­known time or a few hours ago still tell us by phon­ing the lo­cal sta­tion, if it’s ants in your house call Pest Con­trol.

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