Chris­tian school suc­cess


A Pukekohe stu­dent is be­ing recog­nised for her out­stand­ing Cam­bridge ex­am­i­na­tion re­sults, which gained her the top plac­ing for Divin­ity stud­ies in New Zealand.

Pukekohe Chris­tian School grad­u­ate Jes­sica Bruce, who is 16, is a strong be­liever in God and one day aims to be­come a mis­sion­ary.

Bruce said that her de­sire to be­come a mis­sion­ary in­flu­enced her to study divin­ity, which is a study that cen­tres around Chris­tian ideals.

Jes­sica checked her re­sults ev­ery­day for six days un­til they were up on­line. A stag­ger­ing 91 per­cent was her fi­nal mark that gave her the top divin­ity plac­ing in New Zealand.

‘‘When I saw my divin­ity re­sult, I was very ex­cited and very happy.’’

Jes­sica also said that when she started to look at some of the ques­tions through­out the divin­ity pa­per, she re­alised she had not done enough study; but some­one was look­ing over her.

‘‘I firmly be­lieve that a lot of what I wrote down was not just my knowl­edge, but I was guided by God in what I wrote, and that it wasn’t just a pa­per that I was sit­ting,’’ she said.

Jes­sica plans to take a gap year be­fore mak­ing the move down to Otago where she plans to pur­sue a de­gree in medicine.

Pukekohe Chris­tian School also cel­e­brated the aca­demic suc­cess of one of its other stu­dents, Ren Monn, who was first in New Zealand for ge­og­ra­phy.

Jes­sica Bruce was named top divin­ity stud­ies stu­dent in New Zealand.

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