Car thieves are ac­tive in Pukekohe and Waiuku


Over the past three to four days, we’ve had a number of cars stolen in Waiuku and Pukekohe.

Most have been stolen late at night from qui­eter res­i­den­tial ar­eas, but a cou­ple also dur­ing the day. The time and place they are stolen and the of­fend­ers’ method of op­er­a­tion in­di­cate to us that there is a def­i­nite link be­tween each of­fence and the of­fend­ers are the same group.

On Sun­day evening Po­lice were alerted by a res­i­dent in Par­sot Ave, Pukekohe as he had seen some­one try­ing to break into a car parked on his street.

Our night shift sat­u­rated the area look­ing for this per­son who had gone when we ar­rived. While search­ing we found a stolen car parked and aban­doned nearby, this had been taken from Waiuku ear­lier that evening.

Clearly this was the car the of­fend­ers ar­rived at Par­sot Ave in. Per­haps be­cause it was low on fuel they de­cided to dump it and try and steal another. The alert res­i­dent stopped that.

A po­lice dog ar­rived but failed to pick up a de­cent track, we didn’t make any ar­rests but gath­ered a bit of ev­i­dence. A few hours later another car was stolen not far away.

Mon­day night was al­most the same - we were called about some­one try­ing car doors off Welling­ton St, Pukekohe in the mid­dle of the night. While look­ing for them we found the afore­men­tioned car stolen ear­lier dur­ing the day, now aban­doned close by at the Ju­bilee Pools. We didn’t find the of­fend­ers but later another stolen car taken nearby from this lo­ca­tion was found aban­doned in Princess St.

Clearly the of­fend­ers are steal­ing cars just to get from A to B or un­til they run out of gas and then steal another nearby. I hope by next week I’ll be able to tell you that we have ar­rested some­one.

All the cars were locked, and were older mod­els. The of­fend­ers broke the rear quar­ter win­dow and then tam­pered with the ig­ni­tion to start them.

What can you do to help and pre­vent this hap­pen­ing? Al­ways lock your car, and think about whether you can leave it some­where more se­cure like off the street, un­der street or sen­sor light­ing or best still in your garage or be­hind a closed gate.

Con­sider a car alarm - an alarm go­ing off at night will wake up the street. If it’s an older model that’s easy to start, maybe you could get a steer­ing lock or im­mo­bilise your car some­how.

Don’t leave any valu­ables in sight, that’s just a mag­net for thieves. If you see some­one walking around at night, look­ing at cars, up drive­ways, or try­ing to avoid be­ing seen, phone 111 straight away. We can be there in min­utes and get a tracker dog. It’s the best way to catch them. Report any sus­pi­cious ac­tiv­ity to us at the time by call­ing 111.

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