Op­er­a­tion do­ing its bit in keep­ing kids in school


‘‘So not only were they skip­ping school, but com­mit­ting crimes. ’’

Last week I wrote about the tru­ancy op­er­a­tion we were run­ning and this week I can I’ll tell you about some suc­cess we’ve had since.

A group of high school stu­dents were lo­cated wan­der­ing around Pukekohe and re­turned to school last Wed­nes­day dur­ing the day.

We later in­ves­ti­gated an in­ci­dent where three cars had been bro­ken into near the Pukekohe rail­way sta­tion and in town. Af­ter look­ing at some CCTV footage we had avail­able, the of­fi­cers recog­nised the of­fend­ers as the same group who had been re­turned to school.

So not only were they skip­ping school, but com­mit­ting crimes which is the link I talked about last week, be­tween tru­ancy and com­mit­ting of crimes. The stu­dents were then in­ter­viewed by us.

We had re­ports of a hand­ful of cars bro­ken into but they told us they had bro­ken into up to 20. So over 10 of­fences had not been re­ported to us.

We are still try­ing to lo­cate com­plaints. Please tell us if your car is bro­ken in to or of any crimes. If we don’t know, we can’t do any­thing about pre­vent­ing it and when we do catch up with the of­fend­ers we can’t put the of­fences to them.

These of­fend­ers were us­ing a screw­driver or vice grips to break a rear quar­ter win­dow of these parked cars and then search in­side.

Oth­ers acted as look-outs. As al­ways cars were of­ten se­lected be­cause they had items of value vis­i­ble in­side. Put such items in the boot, un­der the seat or leave it at home.

The carparks around the Pukekohe rail­way sta­tion in par­tic­u­lar are be­ing ac­tively tar­geted by thieves. Please be ex­tra vig­i­lant when in the area.

It’s a slap in the face for the ve­hi­cle owner - they leave home early, park their car for the day, and catch a train into the city. At the end of the day they get back to their car to find it’s been bro­ken in to. I to­tally sym­pa­thise and am de­ter­mined to put a stop to it .

Five ju­ve­niles where dealt with by po­lice and re­ferred to our Youth Aid sec­tion. They will ap­pear in the Youth Court. We are also seek­ing costs from them to­wards re­pairs and re­place­ment of prop­erty that wasn’t lo­cated.

The tru­ancy op­er­a­tion con­tin­ues for the rest of the week across Franklin. If you see stu­dents out and about dur­ing school hours, let us know if you think they are tru­ant­ing. If you’re a par­ent make sure they’re go­ing to school, and re­tail­ers - don’t serve them which will dis­cour­age this be­hav­iour.

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