Worth know­ing if you want to grow parsnips:

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Parsnips take time. Most va­ri­eties need at least six months from sow­ing till ma­tu­rity. Seed can take up to a month to ger­mi­nate and not ev­ery seed will ger­mi­nate at the same rate.


Parsnip seed doesn’t keep. They quickly lose vi­a­bil­ity so use fresh seed no older than a year af­ter harvest.


Parsnip seed will not ger­mi­nate in cold soil. Plant­ing too early in spring is a waste of time. Wait till the soil has warmed to a steady 10 de­grees.


Parsnips taste best af­ter frost, which con­verts the starches into sug­ars.


Parsnips need con­stant mois­ture. They are less for­giv­ing of dry soil than most other crops.

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