A few sur­pris­ing facts about cater­pil­lars:

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only A cater­pil­lar has one job – to eat! amount for sev­eral They eat a huge eat 27,000 times weeks and will dur­ing their body weight this life phase. Cater­pil­lars can in­crease their body mass by as much as 1,000 times or more! When a cater­pil­lar egg, hatches from its it eats the eggshell. Mus­cle man! A cater­pil­lar has up to 4,000 mus­cles in its body (us hu­mans have around 629). Cater­pil­lars have 12 eyes but don’t have great eye­sight! only Cater­pil­lars have oth­ers are 6 real legs – the which help called pro­legs, climb. them hold on and

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