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Sow­ing seeds in pots

In spring the soil is damp af­ter win­ter rain, the weather is get­ting warmer and we have months of long warm days to come. That makes spring the per­fect time for seeds to burst into life!

Many seeds like to be sown straight into the gar­den, but some­times the soil is still too wet and cold and we don’t want to wait! In early spring the seeds we sow in pots can grow faster be­cause they’re warmer. The tricky thing is that some plants don’t like hav­ing their roots dis­turbed and they get ‘trans­plant­ing shock’ when we move them from their pot to the gar­den. A seedling with trans­plant­ing shock can get ‘sulky’ and stops grow­ing un­til its roots set­tle down. That’s why biodegrad­able pots come in handy! If we grow a seedling in a biodegrad­able pot we don't need to dis­turb its roots at all. We can just plant it into the gar­den pot-and-all! The biodegrad­able pot turns to com­post and the roots grow straight through it.

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