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When a plant is fail­ing to thrive in a dimly lit part of the gar­den, it may sim­ply come down to a lack of mois­ture and nu­tri­ents in the soil. Of­ten, shade co­in­cides with poor soil. For ex­am­ple; tree roots may be rob­bing the soil of mois­ture and nu­tri­ents, or a wall may cre­ate a rain shadow. Plants that are not thriv­ing in the shade may sim­ply be scream­ing out for a drink.

Un­der large trees where the soil is dry and blocked with roots, the best way to start a gar­den of shade lov­ing peren­ni­als is to cre­ate a thick bed of com­post a good 30cm deep. Top it off with more or­ganic mulch ev­ery year. An ir­ri­ga­tion sys­tem may also be an op­tion. On the other hand, we’re lucky that many of our best shade plants are also re­mark­ably drought tol­er­ant.

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