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Symp­toms to look out for on Myr­taceae plants are: bright yel­low pow­dery erup­tions ap­pear­ing on the un­der­side of the leaf (young in­fec­tion), bright yel­low pow­dery erup­tions on both sides of the leaf (ma­ture in­fec­tion) and brown/ grey rust pus­tules (older spores) on older le­sions. Some leaves may be­come buck­led or twisted and die off. If you sus­pect myr­tle rust don’t touch it or try to col­lect sam­ples as this may in­crease the spread of this dis­ease. Take photos of the whole plant, whole af­fected leaf and a close-up of the spores/af­fected area of the plant Call MPI im­me­di­ately (0800 80 99 66).

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