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1 A child­hood favourite,

I’ve al­ways loved Di­cen­tra spectabilis, I al­ways thought it was per­fectly named - Bleed­ing Heart.

I love the shape and dis­tinc­tive­ness of the flow­ers but also like the tex­ture of the plant growth. 2

I have re­cently re­turned to en­joy­ing var­ie­gated fo­liage (though it took a while!), and a per­sonal favourite is Pieris

Flam­ing Sil­ver. Again, I love the Lily of the Val­ley shaped flow­ers plus the added ben­e­fit of colour in the new fo­liage. 3

A very re­cent in­tro­duc­tion to my gar­den at home is a Vireya

Rhodo­den­dron. It gives a flash of colour that just keeps go­ing and go­ing. Tropic Glow is a favourite.

4 You can’t beat yes­ter­day, today to­mor­row

(Brunsfel­sia). I love the fact that the flow­ers change colour over their life pe­riod, so you have the fas­ci­na­tion of three dif­fer­ent colours on the plant at the same time, shades of pale lilac to bright pur­ple. 5

At the Flower Show last year I was rein­tro­duced to her­itage

roses, by our Gold Medal win­ners the Her­itage Rose So­ci­ety, a key rose in their ex­hibit and a new old favourite for me is Rose Fantin La­tour. 6

It’s easy to for­get flow­er­ing climbers in this se­lec­tion, but I can’t hide my love of flame vine (Py­roste­gia venusta). For me it is a real her­ald of spring, I love the vi­brant or­ange colour. It has al­ways cheered me up when of­ten the weather is still a bit gloomy and damp.

7 Camelia ‘Quintessence’

is a lovely low grow­ing camel­lia with a weep­ing form and sim­ple white flow­ers with a hint of pink. I love to see them hang­ing over the edge of walls etc.


A long time favourite of mine has been Gera­nium John­sons Blue, so I wasn’t 100% cer­tain when I planted

Gera­nium Rozanne, how­ever I’ve been thrilled with this va­ri­ety. It has com­pact growth and is con­stantly flow­er­ing and the flow­ers are such a stun­ning shade of lilac-blue. 9

Ix­ora coc­cinea - luck­ily I don’t get a frost in my West Auck­land gar­den, so this Ix­ora has coped ad­mirably. Again, a blast of or­ange red flow­ers against a back­ground fo­liage deep green, with a lovely fresh light green sheen to new fo­liage. 10

In 2017 the Flower Show was de­lighted to in­tro­duce Proven Win­ners Bub­blegum Pe­tu­nias as a fund raiser for the Breast Can­cer Foun­da­tion. This in­tro­duc­tion cul­mi­nated in do­na­tions from the sale of these plants go­ing to the very worth­while char­ity. This stun­ning petu­nia fea­tured sig­nif­i­cantly at last year’s show. It flow­ers for­ever and I par­tic­u­larly en­joy the dif­fer­ent shades planted to­gether.

Rhodo­den­dron ‘Tropic Glow' Di­cen­tra spectabilis Pieris ‘Flam­ing Sil­ver'

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