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The health ben­e­fits of green­ery

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THEY SHARPEN YOUR FO­CUS A study from the UK’s Royal Col­lege of Agri­cul­ture found stu­dents demon­strated sig­nif­i­cantly higher rates of at­ten­tive­ness in a class­room that had plants. Re­searchers es­ti­mated pupils could con­cen­trate for up to 70 per cent longer than those in rooms with­out plants, and found that at­ten­dance was gen­er­ally higher in class­rooms with green­ery. THEY CAN HELP RE­COV­ERY FROM ILL­NESS

As strange as it sounds, look­ing at plants helps the body heal faster. In a study at Kansas State Uni­ver­sity, re­searchers mea­sured the phys­i­o­log­i­cal im­pact of plants on pa­tients re­cov­er­ing from surgery. The study found pa­tients who looked at plants had con­sis­tently lower blood pres­sure, less anx­i­ety, and even re­ported lower pain lev­els. THEY BOOST HU­MID­ITY IN DRY CLI­MATES

Plants are thought to re­lease about 97 per cent of the wa­ter they take in, so they can boost the mois­ture level in a room. Higher lev­els of wa­ter in the air can help pre­vent itchy, dry skin. And if you’re prone to ne­glect­ing house plants, clus­ter­ing a few to­gether cre­ates a mois­ture-filled mi­cro-cli­mate, which means they take longer to dry out.

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