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“One hun­dred grams of spir­ulina con­tains 1000mg of cal­cium,

180mg of iron and 400mg of mag­ne­sium – but a serv­ing of spir­ulina can be as low as 5g, so you won’t be get­ting those lev­els,” says nutri­tion­ist Zoe Bin­g­ley-Pullen. Con­versely, it’s very easy to eat 100g of broc­coli, which con­tains a com­pa­ra­ble 47mg of cal­cium and 21mg of mag­ne­sium. It does con­tain less iron, but the cancer-fight­ing prop­er­ties of broc­coli are proven, whereas there’s no firm ev­i­dence for the nu­tri­tional claims of spir­ulina yet.

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