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The rea­son we want to re­duce stress as much as pos­si­ble is be­cause re­search has shown it’s of cru­cial im­por­tance when it comes to es­tab­lish­ing and main­tain­ing a healthy mi­cro­biome. Made up of tril­lions of bac­te­rial cells, our mi­cro­biome plays a huge role in in­flu­enc­ing our genes and its dis­cov­ery has to­tally changed our un­der­stand­ing of health and hy­giene. Con­sum­ing enough good-qual­ity fat while avoid­ing ex­cess sugar is cru­cial to sup­port­ing a healthy mi­cro­biome.

“Fat ac­tu­ally feeds your mus­cles,” says Susie. “It’s what lu­bri­cates your joints and was the most prized thing our ances­tors ever could get their hands on.

“Even our grand­par­ents were liv­ing a lot closer to how we should be – mak­ing but­ter, fer­ment­ing and pre­serv­ing – do­ing all of th­ese things that pro­mote good gut bac­te­ria.

In­stead, to­day we’re sur­rounded by par­a­sites that de­plete our im­mune systems, we have lit­tle good bac­te­ria in our gut and peo­ple think that’s nor­mal, when it ab­so­lutely is not.”

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