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Man­age those moods

What may start out as your most set­tled decade can be­come any­thing but if pre-menopause causes prob­lems. You might be re­turn­ing to work or tak­ing on new re­spon­si­bil­i­ties in your job, so you might need a con­fi­dence boost. You may also ex­pe­ri­ence fa­tigue, weight gain and di­ges­tion prob­lems.

» Cal­cium See your GP for a bone den­sity test, then take a sup­ple­ment. If your life is hec­tic, keep tak­ing 800mg cal­cium and 400mg mag­ne­sium.

» Iron Heavy pe­ri­ods can be ex­haust­ing, so try tak­ing a course of iron tonic such as Flo­radix. Take it for two weeks, start­ing a few days be­fore your pe­riod.

» Kelp Tak­ing 1000mg a day will feed your thy­roid gland. Bor­der­line low thy­roid lev­els – which cause fa­tigue, weight gain and slug­gish di­ges­tion – are of­ten mis­taken for pre-menopause symp­toms.

» Phy­toe­stro­gens Also known as soy isoflavones, th­ese aim to build up your oe­stro­gen lev­els, en­cour­ag­ing symp­tom­free menopause.

» And to soothe you, The Aus­tralian Bush Flower Essence Five Cor­ners may help in build­ing up your self-es­teem and con­fi­dence.

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