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It’s time to do things for your­self. You may choose to re­tire or keep work­ing, start some­thing new or re­lax more, travel or hun­ker down at home. You may not need menopause sup­port any more, but you’ll want some­thing to keep your mind sharp, your body en­er­gised and your love life hum­ming.

» Cal­cium Keep fo­cus­ing on bone den­sity. Take 800mg cal­cium, bal­anced with 400mg mag­ne­sium. Avoid acidic foods and drinks that leach cal­cium from bones, such as al­co­hol, caf­feine, sugar and re­fined foods. Al­ka­lise your body by eat­ing more veg­eta­bles.

» Ginkgo biloba and

bil­berry Th­ese are used to im­prove the circulation to your brain and eyes for a quick mind and clear vi­sion. Take one or two a day.

» Glu­cosamine Try this to pro­tect joints and keep you sup­ple. Take 500mg a day, or 1000mg if you are suf­fer­ing joint prob­lems.

» And to soothe you, The Aus­tralian Bush Flower Essence Jacaranda may help with men­tal fo­cus, while wis­te­ria is said to en­hance fem­i­nine sex­u­al­ity.

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