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Go with the f low

This is a decade in which to rein­tro­duce sup­ple­ments you may have taken pre­vi­ously. Keep tak­ing the ba­sics and add some of th­ese in­ter­est­ing ex­tras to the mix.

» Zinc Start tak­ing this again, 50mg a day, to im­prove your sense of smell. Older women may feel dis­in­clined to cook or eat well, which can be be­cause they can’t smell food as well. Zinc can help to im­prove your sense of smell and, in turn, your ap­petite.

» Panax gin­seng This is a fan­tas­tic en­ergy booster for women in this age group, as it can be over­stim­u­lat­ing when you’re younger. It’s be­lieved to build stamina, the im­mune sys­tem, li­bido and en­ergy, but should be avoided if you have high blood pres­sure.

» And to soothe you, try the Aus­tralian Bush Flower Essence Wild Potato Bush to stop you get­ting frus­trated with your phys­i­cal lim­i­ta­tions and help you go with the flow.

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