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‘tor­tillas can be a rel­a­tively easy and tasty al­ter­na­tive

to bread’

Can you rec­om­mend a gluten­free al­ter­na­tive to sand­wiches?

Gluten-free bread Un­like a few years ago, there’s now a wide range of gluten-free bread op­tions avail­able that don’t taste like card­board. You’ll need to do some taste test­ing to find the one you like best.

Corn tor­tillas Th­ese re­quire heat­ing, but can be a rel­a­tively easy and tasty al­ter­na­tive. You could also con­sider moun­tain bread wraps; the gluten-free op­tions in­clude corn, rice and tapi­oca.

Let­tuce leaves For some­thing dif­fer­ent, try wrap­ping your favourite sand­wich fill­ing in let­tuce leaves. They’re low in kilo­joules and make a re­fresh­ing sum­mer­time al­ter­na­tive to a tra­di­tional sand­wich.

Nori sheets Nori is a type of sea­weed that’s rich in iron and io­dine. It’s com­monly used for sushi, but you don’t have to fill it with rice – try us­ing it as a case for your favourite sand­wich fill­ing.

AIs it true that too much sugar can in­crease de­pres­sion? Al­though stress, grief and ge­net­ics have a much big­ger im­pact on the devel­op­ment of de­pres­sion, diet cer­tainly has a role. One study found peo­ple who con­sumed more than 67g of sugar per day had a 23 per cent in­creased risk of devel­op­ing de­pres­sion. An­other rea­son to re­duce ex­cess sugar and fo­cus on nu­tri­tious whole­foods in­stead. Could my diet be the cause of my eczema?

AEczema can be trig­gered by a wide range of fac­tors and is be­lieved to be ex­ac­er­bated by food in around one in three peo­ple, but food is the main cause in only one in 10 cases. It can be dif­fi­cult to de­ter­mine which foods are the cul­prits, as eczema of­ten has more than one trig­ger; cur­rent test­ing meth­ods only pro­vide an in­di­ca­tion and not a clear di­ag­no­sis; and there can be a de­lay be­tween con­sum­ing a food and a re­ac­tion oc­cur­ring. If you think your diet may be trig­ger­ing your eczema, you should see a di­eti­tian for per­son­alised ad­vice.

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